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How to deliver your NDIS services using Video

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MYCARESPACE offers the following service to businesses that wish to deliver their services online using video consultations during this uncertain time of Corona Virus and self- isolation.

This service includes the following steps:

1. Evaluation of your current business

This involves a comprehensive evaluation of your therapy/service delivery requirements.

We will discuss the type or service you offer, the way you currently manage your service bookings and your communication with clients.

We will need to know the number of employees you have and how often they delivery a service.

We will consider what your key delivery points are and how we can replicate them in an online environment.

2. Proposed Solution

MYCARESPACE will advise the most suitable video delivery option/s, describing and comparing their features, pricing and limitations. We will address your specific requirements and how they can be accommodated (or not).

3. Setup & Training

We will setup and configure your new video software so that you can deliver your service online via video in a way that closely mimics your face-to-face business practice.

This usually involves configuring the software, video settings and email communications sent to clients. We will add your branding to the video and emails wherever possible.

We will configure users and show you how to login and schedule online sessions.

We will show you the notifications you and your customers will receive and how you should manage reminders and changes.

If you require the booking component we will set this up, adding your users, categories of service and sessions.

We will have you up and running and ready to deliver your service online, giving you tips for delivering services/therapy via video.
We will include 1 hour of phone/online support for any initial questions + 1 week of email support.

4. Risk

Offering video services online brings with it new exposure to cyber risk as a result of the increased risk of a client’s privacy being compromised.

We will help you develop an online disclaimer and let you know what legal requirements you face when delivering online services in Australia.

We will connect you with an insurance partner that offers cyber risk liability cover to ensure you are covered.


Contact us if you wish to book or find out more.

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