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Introducing the MyCareSpace Support Portal

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love heart icon We’d love to introduce you to the MyCareSpace Support Portal designed with the help of support coordinators to give support coordinators and local area coordinators more time, help you build your provider network and to help you build the capacity of the participants you’re supporting.

We aim to relieve the pressure of supporting so many participants by giving you back at least 6 hours in every 24! 

Using the Support Portal you can quickly and easily submit a request for service providers that need specific skillsexperience with a particular disability or need to speak a particular language. We will give you provider options to choose from.

With the MyCareSpace Support Portal you can:

  • Request help in finding services - we send you or your participant options to choose from
  • Manage all service requests in one place - keeping track of the providers you are connecting with
  • Search for NDIS prices using line item, category name and even keywords like 'support worker', 'OT' or 'nappies'
  • Select your favourite resources and forward them to your participants (to build their capacity) and 
  • Keep track of your favourite providers, building your provider network

Take a look at this 2 minute video that shows you exactly what we can do for you!

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