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MyCareSpace TeamMyCareSpace Team

It's so hard to get the whole national team in one place!

What is MyCareSpace?

MyCareSpace is a national online NDIS health-tech platform, helping people living with a disability find and connect with Providers of disability services and supports.

Launched in 2017, we have become a trusted source of NDIS information and are trusted to match people with disability and their families with the NDIS services they need.

MyCareSpace has over 30,000 members and creates thousands of service matches every month.

There are currently almost 600,000 NDIS participants with almost $40bn of funding struggling to navigate a complex scheme, and battling to find disability services. MyCareSpace is providing the information and service connection they need to spend their funding and achieve the best possible outcomes.

MyCareSpace is a free community service that supports people living with a disability, their families and carers by:

  • Helping them understand their NDIS plans by answering their questions and providing easy-to-read resources and information about the NDIS.
  • Helping them find and connect with disability services and supports in their local area that meet their specific needs. People can access this service via phone 1300 2888 93 or via our website.

We help build the capacity of participants and give them access to options that allow them to exercise choice and control.


About the Company

The dream of our CEO Nicole Gamerov, MyCareSpace supports people with a disability and their families, all around Australia.

Nicole experienced first-hand the struggles her mother had when she lost her eyesight and how her family were challenged in connecting here with the services she needed. This has driven her and the MyCareSpace team to constantly strive to create as many connections as possible every day.

The MyCareSpace NDIS Navigators talk to people, helping answer their NDIS questions and offering a Connection Service, taking the stress and hard work out of finding the services they need. 

Our online NDIS Provider Directory allows people to search for options in their local area. Our NDIS resources aim to answer the most common questions we receive every day like "what does that mean in my plan", "how do I start my plan" or "what does it mean to self or plan manage?".


The MyCareSpace Team

We couldn't do what we do without an amazing team of compassionate, hard-working people who genuinely are proud of the impact they have on people's lives.

Every day, our Connections Team takes calls, answers instant chats, and responds to online requests.

Did you know that we refer to every request for help we receive as a 'VIP'? That's because we believe the people looking for a match with support are the most important thing to us.

Our Provider Team is responding to providers who want to be on the MyCareSpace platform, asking them a million questions, demanding evidence of their skills, and making sure they are NDIS successful. They will even go on a 'search' for providers where we have service shortages.

Each team is dependent on the other.

This photo below was taken on a Friday when our new polo shirts had just arrived and the NSW office put them on and looked amazing!

When our office experienced a fire alarm, we decided to make use of our time in the sun outside and grab some action photos. 

This photo depicts the love, affection, and enjoyment our team has for our company, each other, and the community they serve. It includes Buddy the Cavoodle who is Head of Wellbeing at MyCareSpace.

This is by no means the whole MyCareSpace team, and we are sorry for our team members in other states who are missing, but they would be feeling the same!

A fun team photo


Meet the Partners

Nicole standing with her hands in her pockets and Bianca sitting on a chair with her legs extended and crossed. Both look relaxed and are smiling.


Nicole Gamerov (Founder and CEO)

Nicole lives in Sydney with her husband and their 3 children (and dog) and loves spending time with her very large extended family. She is passionate about running (21.1km is her fave distance) and yoga to bring back the balance. 

Nicole knows how challenging it can be to live with a disability, as her mother lost her eyesight to Macular Degeneration almost 20 years ago. At the time it was devastating for her mum, who is fiercely independent, to not only to lose her vision, but also her independence and access to the community. Nicole witnessed firsthand how difficult it can be for people like her mum,  to remain independent and actively contribute to the community.

Before starting MyCareSpace, Nicole had a successful career in finance and the Reinsurance industry for almost 20 years. During this time, she established the Global Partnerships Unit for Swiss Reinsurance Company in Australia, New Zealand the Pacific Islands. At the time she was excited about the introduction of the NDIS and what it stood for, both from a social and economic policy perspective. 

Nicole understood just how life changing the new scheme would be for many people and their families. She also predicted the challenges it would present: understanding a new, complex government scheme, applying for funding, and finding the services and supports that suited peoples’ individual needs in their local area. Nicole had a clear vision of how to solve this problem and left her career in finance to find a solution. 

It was clear to Nicole there would be the need for a community service that would support people with disability funding to find information and connect with the supports and services they needed, allowing them get the most of this new scheme. And so MyCareSpace was born.

Nicole is passionate about supporting people to reach their full potential, both as a leader and in the services MyCareSpace offers the community. She has realised her vision of bringing together the disability community in a marketplace platform that supports the needs of both people living with a disability and the service provider community. 
Nicole says: “Seven years and counting, I am more than ever passionate about making an impact and doing it in sustainable way, to reach our goal of supporting one million Australian’s living with a disability and their families by 2026.”


Bianca Shapiro (Partner and COO)

Bianca lives in Sydney (down the road from Nicole) with her 3 children, adored dog and energetic husband. She loves playing sport and watching light hearted (absolute rubbish) TV shows.

Having originally come from a Finance background, she joined a long-time friend to start the hugely successful Dynamic Web Training (DWT), a certified Adobe and Microsoft software training centre. This was where she developed her web development and software training skills.

DWT was sold to Australia's largest online employment company, SEEK Online, as their flagship learning business and DWT stands today.

Bianca went on to run her own web development company for the next 15 years before reconnecting with Nicole, her university friend, at local swimming lessons for their young children, and Nicole asked if she would be interested in building her dream platform.

With a wealth of experience in finance, digital, and web development, Bianca jumped at the chance to build the bespoke MyCareSpace connections platform in 2017.

After its successful launch, Bianca was compelled to close the doors of her own company and join MyCareSpace and Nicole permanently.

Bianca continues to oversee the technical growth of MyCareSpace so that it can support thousands of individuals yearly.


The MyCareSpace Vision

The MyCareSpace mission is to ensure that every Australian living with a disability has access to the information and support they need to increase their independence and achieve their life goals. 

We strive to provide

Connections that change lives  

Information that empowers 

Supports that build independence

Our goal is to reach 1 million Australians living with a disability and their families by 2026 - and we are well on the way to achieving our goal!


Our Other Achievements

We recently received a substantial NDIS ILC (Information Linkages and Capacity Building) grant from the Dept of Social Services to extend our support for people with autism looking for social activities.

The A List hub launched in 2021 and helps young autistic people and their families find social options - visit The A List

Our goal is to support 1 million people living with a disability and their families by 2025.


What Our Community Think

See what our community says about the support we provide:


Use our Connection Service to find the supports you need