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How to become an NDIS Registered Provider

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Here are the steps to become an NDIS Registered Provider

  1. Get Help with your NDIS Registration
  2. Get Insurance
  3. Apply to the NDIS Commission
    1. Complete the Online Application Form
    2. Select your NDIS Registration Groups
    3. Complete a self-assessment
    4. Select an Auditor
    5. Undergo an Audit
  4. Find NDIS Clients


1. Get Help with your NDIS Registration

NDIS Registration requires you to submit a number of policies and related templates, specific to your business. These may include Risk, Complaints, Workplace Health and Safety and HR policies!

You will need help creating these! 

Our registration partners can provide these as well as help you identify the qualifications and expertise staff need to provide your services. They will also explain the Worker Screening process and provide you with risk assessment tools.

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2. How to get the Insurance I need for my NDIS Audit?

Every Provider needs insurance to pass their NDIS Audit.

Our partners in helping NDIS registered providers make sure they have the required insurances in place is Bizcover.

The NDIS Audit specifies that a registered NDIS service provider needs:

  • Public Liability,
  • Personal Indemnity and
  • Accident Insurance to protect them against the risks they face.

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NDIS Insurance requirements


3. Apply to the NDIS Commission

Complete the online application form

The NDIS Commission provides an online application form for providers wishing to register as NDIS Service Providers. When submitting this application, you will need to:

Provide information, including:

  • your organisation’s contact details
  • your corporate structure,
  • your outlets/places of operation, and
  • your key personnel.


Select the registration groups your organisation provides. 

This determines which NDIS Practice Standards apply to your organisation.

Support items are grouped into registration groups. Different supports have different levels of risk associated with their delivery.

Grouping supports streamlines registration for providers, so they only have to register for the registration groups relevant to their business.

Support items in each registration group have similar quality and safeguarding requirements.

The Provider Registration Guide to Suitability for Western Australia contains a list of all registration groups if you want to take a look before you start your application.


Complete a self-assessment

Each provider completes an NDIS Self Assessment against the NDIS Practice Standards relevant to the supports and services your organisation delivers. You may need to upload evidence of the services you offer.


  • You don't have to submit your application all at one time
    You can save the application form, including self-assessment responses, and return to complete it at any time within 60 days.

  • Download this Checklist
    The NDIS published this Checklist for Registration to help guide providers.



Select an approved quality auditor

After you submit your online application, you will receive an ‘initial scope of audit’ document by email from the NDIS Commission.

This document contains the registration requirements that apply to your organisation.

It specifies:

  1. whether you require a ‘verification’ or ‘certificationaudit and
  2. what your organisation needs to demonstrate to comply with the relevant NDIS Practice Standards

You need to now engage an approved quality auditor to undertake the audit. 


  • You can only select an NDIS apprroved auditor
    NDIS List of Approved Auditors

  • Compare Quotes
    You can request a quote from more than one auditor to make your decision. 
  • Can I change my application after it is submitted?
    Once you have submitted your application you will not be able to make any changes to the information provided. The quote(s) provided by an approved quality auditor will be based on the information which you provide.



 Undergo an Audit and wait for the outcome

All providers seeking registration will be required to undertake an audit against the applicable NDIS Practice Standards as part of the NDIS Commission’s registration requirements.

Under the new NDIS Commission, there will be two ways:

  • Verification audit
    A Verification is for providers delivering lower risk or less complex services. When registering through verification, NDIS Providers supply documentation against the four outcomes within the Verification Module of the NDIS Practice Standards.  
  • Certification audit
    A Certification Audit is Certification is for higher risk, more complex services and supports.

If you deliver a range of services and just one of them falls into a high risk registration group, you will need to undergo a certification audit. 

Although there is no cost to apply to be a registered NDIS provider, you will face the cost of the Audit.

This cost is exponential according to the type of services you offer (i.e. if you offer 'high risk' services like behaviour support, you will need to under go a Certification Audit which is more expensive than the Verification audit (desktop audit) that would apply to a gardening service.)


The NDIS Commission assesses your application and makes a decision

After assessing your application, the NDIS Commission will:

  • consider the audit outcomes and
  • conduct a suitability assessment of your organisation and key personnel

Key personnel are the individuals who hold key executive, management or operational positions in your organisation, such as Directors, Managers, Board Members, Chief Executive Officer or Chairperson. You must include all key personnel on your application

The NDIS will then make a decision and contact you to let you know if your application has been successful and the reasons why or why not.


Receive your application outcome

For successful applicants: you will receive a certificate of registration outlining the services or supports you are registered to provide, the period of registration, and any conditions you must follow to keep your registration.

For unsuccessful applicants: you may contact the NDIS Commission to request a review within three months of the decision. If your application is still unsuccessful following the review, you may seek a further review by the Administrative Appeals Tribunal.


3. Find NDIS Customers

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With over 7 years in the NDIS, MyCareSpace offers NDIS Providers valuable NDIS resources and Training, as well as reccomending the business tools they will need to operate successfully in the NDIS.

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