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Answering all your questions about what a support coordinator does and how to choose a support coordinator.

This resource is for participants that self manage their NDIS plan and covers hiring self-employed or independent support workers who have an Australian Business N

Here are some ideas of things to do with a support worker, especially during home isolation.

Therapy via telepractice is just like face-to-face therapy except that it’s done over the phone and by videoconference. 

Cyber insurance is more important than ever when preparing your NDIS business for the additional risks a pandemic like Coronavirus brings.

And why does my NDIS business need Management Liability Insurance?

If you own a small NDIS business, there’s no denying one the most important things you need to protect your assets is Insurance. But what kind of insurance do you actually need?

If you have purchased sickness/illness cover as part of your Personal Accident Insurance, you may be able to claim if you meet certain conditions.

Insurance for Aged Care Workers, also known as Paid Carers, includes cover for Public Liability, Professional Indemnity, and Personal Accident. Make sure you are protected when caring for the elderly.

The NDIS defines transport costs in 2 ways: General Transport Supports  and Activity-Based Transport

"I have a permanent disability but my NDIS application was rejected because of my functional capacity" This is something we hear often at MyCareSpace. Before we explain what functional capacity means in the NDIS arena, let's take a step back and look at the eligibility requirements of the NDIS.

This webinar provides Service Providers with an up-to-date understanding of the NDIS Audit Requirements and how a provider can best prepare for an NDIS Audit.

Here are some ideas of things to do with a support worker, especially during home isolation.

A summary of all the different types of NDIS businesses and insurance options.

Has the NDIS sent you a message containing your Activation Code and you're wondering how on earth to get your NDIS Plan activated? 

Compilation of holiday camps for children with disabilities.

This resource is for participants that plan manage their NDIS plan and covers hiring self-employed or independent support workers who have an Australian Business Number (ABN).

This resource covers how to provide services to self managed or plan managed participants as a Sole Trader.

This resource covers engaging a support worker as an EMPLOYEE

This is part 1 in our series of upcoming resources related to Social and Community Participation funding in your NDIS plan and what you can spend it on!

Do NDIS Registered Providers need Personal Accident Cover? Yes, if you are a sole trader or are otherwise not covered by Workers Compensation insurance.

Our experts will demonstrate how your NDIS Audit can become the very thing that helps you understand your customers more deeply and respond more quickly to their needs, improving your business on every level and drive revenue

We'd like to share this awesome article posted by Yellow Submarine in WA:

The question about whether someone with Autism automatically qualifies to receive NDIS funding is a common one. 

During the webinar our speakers, Andrea and Nicole will address the following key questions:

How do I use my different NDIS funds?
How do I find supports that will fit my needs and help me achieve my goals?
How do I best organise my supports?

With a number of our community heading into their first plan review, we have put together some information on the process and the preparation required!

Once you know that you are eligible for NDIS funding, you will need to have a planning meeting with a Local Area Coordinator, Planner or Early Childhood Access Partner.

In this webinar, our ADHD experts help parents, teachers and carers navigate their way through the maze of ADHD.

Michael is the kind of man who calls members of the ABC camera crew that came to his Wollongong house to film him for this docu-series ‘gentleman.’ And not in a weird way, in a thoughtful,

It is important to know that although all children struggle with paying attention, only some have ADHD, and those that do experience a severe hindrance of their everyday life by their symptoms. 


As of 29 July 2020 only providers delivering services in New South Wales and Victoria are able to claim for PPE to support them to meet public health guidelines. These arrang

This information is valid as of 29 July 2020 and applies to NSW and VIC only - it will be updated as soon as the NDIA advises otherwise. This policy will be in place until Se

When a provider decides to register as an NDIS Service Provider, they will need to select the NDIS registration groups that they wish to include in their registration application.

This article explains the newly added NDIS funded role of a recovery coach, what they do and how to go about finding one.

What responsibilities does an NDIS Provider have when hiring contractors?

Why set goals in an NDIS plan?

When we set goals we are aiming to achieve something. 

We asked one of our members to share their practical experience about making the decision to self manage and what it actually involves - a question we receive weekly at MyCareSpace.

"How do I find tutoring for my ADHD child?" is a common question we receive at MyCareSpace and we are excited to let you know there is help at hand, especially during these COVID challenging times!

The latest SDA information, vacancies, pricing and more.

The latest information, links and prices 

The latest NDIS 2020 -2021 price guide had the following additions made to it on  1 July 2020.

See pgs 46-47 for information on ILO's:

Meet Back to Sleep

How do you explain to a child with Autism why people are wearing masks or why they can't hug their friends? How about that they need to social distance?


When can someone with a mental health condition access the NDIS? Read this resource to find out.

It's World Continence Week

and we wanted to let you know about 2 NDIS Registered providers that are doing great things!

The NDIS answers the FAQ on mental health/psychosocial disability funding.

When do I need a Carer Statement for an NDIS Application?

This resource is to assist clinicians, GPs, allied health professionals who are assisting and/or writing reports for NDIS applications under a psychosocial disability.