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FAQ for Participants and Families using MyCareSpace

FAQ for participants

We try and answer your frequently asked questions. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for, please email our team with your questions.

What does "Verified Provider" mean

The MyCareSpace provider team speaks with each verified provider and follows an onboarding process to confirm they are delivering services in the areas they appear and they are included in the correct categories of service on MyCareSpace. We collect information on their business including how they engage their staff, what their policies are and how many years of experience they have in the industry. We check their insurance and their NDIS registration status where applicable.

How does MyCareSpace work?

You can use MyCareSpace in 3 ways:

  1. You can visit the MyCareSpace directory and search for service providers in your area by making a Postcode, Suburb, State selection. You can choose from categories of services like support workers, therapies, social options and more. You can then connect directly with the providers you want to know more about using their phone number of website
  2. Our team helps you find options that meet your needs: you can call our connections team on 1300 2888 93 or submit a request online
  3. We will then send you on average 3 verified providers who meet your needs, so that you can choose who you like best.

    It there are shortages of service providers in your areas, we will also let you know this.

Do I have to pay to use MyCareSpace?

No, MyCareSpace is a free community service for participants and their families or carers, support coordinators, and LACS, helping them by providing suitable options to choose from.

What happens if I don't want providers to call me?

You can simply ask to be contacted via SMS or email instead of by phone.

How many provider options do I get?

We aim to give you 3 options for each service requested. This may not be possible in areas where there are a shortage of providers (outside metro areas) or for services where there is limited capacity. In this instance, we will however give you options of providers with waiting listings so that you can choose what suits you best.

How much information about myself do I need to share?

As much as you would like to. We do need your contact information so that providers will be able to get in touch with you. You can choose how you would like to make this contact. The more information you provide about the support you need, the quicker we can find you services and the more suitable options we can provide you with. This will give you the best possible chance to receive provider options that can meet your needs.

Do providers pay to be on MyCareSpace?

Yes. Providers need to subscribe by paying us a listing fee to the MyCareSpace platform. This covers the cost of our team checking their details, maintaining their listing information and keeping a record of their capacity. We help providers communicate with people looking for their services. Providers pay for these services so that the support provided to participants and their families can be free. For some services, such as allied health, that are in high demand and where capacity changes rapidly, we dedicate a MyCareSpace team to actively monitor and maintain the capacity of these providers. In return for this service, providers pay us a connection fee.

How do you handle my information provided to MyCareSpace?

You can view our privacy policy

Can MyCareSpace help me understand my plan?

Yes! The MyCareSpace team can help you understand WHAT you can spend your funding on and then HOW to find the supports and services you need. They are always free to answer questions about your NDIS Plan.