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Insurance for NDIS Providers, Soletraders, Support Workers & Support Coordinators

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Insurance for NDIS and non-NDIS Disability Providers

Individual Disability Support Worker Insurance

Insurance for NDIS workers includes cover for Public Liability, Professional Indemnity, and Personal Accident

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Sole Traders 

NDIS sole traders are service providers who are self-employed and don't employ others. They may be newly formed businesses or have been delivering services for years. They may be NDIS registered or not. Either way, as an NDIS registered provider, they now face new business risks arising from delivering services within the disability industry. They will be signing new NDIS service agreements and handling the personal information of NDIS participants.

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Disability Care Providers

If you have a company that provides disability support workers to people with disabilities, this is the insurance option for you. If you are NDIS registered, make sure you have the necessary insurance cover required by the NDIS commission: public liability, professional indemnity and workers comp (if applicable) or personal accident cover. Additional cover available for cyber risk and building insurance cover. 

We have different options for companies that provide residential care (LT and ST) as well.

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NDIS Registered Disability Service Providers (other)

The cover includes a selection of insurance products required by all other types of service providers including public liability, professional indemnity, personal accident and options for cyber risk and building insurance cover. 

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NDIS Independent Support Coordinators

Tailor-made cover for NDIS independent Support Coordinators - the first of its kind. This insurance covers the specific risks that support coordinators face in performing their duties. It includes public liability and professional indemnity.

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Personal Accident Insurance (All providers that don't have Workers Comp)

The Quality and Safeguards Commission requires that an NDIS Provider has 'accident cover'. Check our information resource that helps you know when you need Personal Accident Insurance and how to get it to ensure you meet NDIS audit compliance.

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Individual Aged Care Worker Insurance (Paid Carers)

Insurance for NDIS workers includes cover for Public Liability, Professional Indemnity, and Personal Accident

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MyCareSpace and Insurance for NDIS service providers

MyCareSpace is working with Bizcover to give NDIS Providers, Support Workers and NDIS Independent Support Coordinators greater access to protection from their day-to-day risks.
Why is MyCareSpace talking about insurance? Because our community of NDIS support workers, sole traders, and large disability organisations have been asking us about their risks and how they can protect themselves!

NDIS Providers are asking us what types of insurances they need to comply with the NDIS Quality & Safeguards Commission and their NDIS Audit.

Disability Support Workers are asking us how they can protect themselves when going out on their own. 

Independent NDIS Support Coordinators are asking us if their insurance will cover them in the event of a claim and how to make sure they are protected.

We spoke to the insurance experts - Bizcover - and we have been working with them to help disability support workers, small businesses (sole traders) as well as large NDIS Providers stay protected with hassle-free, competitive insurance.

As a result of our partnership with Bizcover, our community will have greater access to relevant and affordable insurance solutions all backed by Bizcover's price matching guarantee.


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