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Insurance for Aged Care Workers

Insurance for aged care workers


You will need:
1. Your ABN
2. An estimate of your Yearly Income (How do I calculate this?)

Insurance for Paid Carers

Aged Care workers are an integral part of our society, supporting the elderly in their day to day life, helping them stay at home and helping them to continue engaging with their community.

These an aged care support workers need to be aware of the risks their job presents and must take steps to mitigate and manage these risks.

Whether an aged care support worker is self-employed and working alone or part of a care organisation, they need to be protected against the risks they face each time they go to work.

Why do aged care support workers need insurance?

As an independent aged care support worker or carer, you take on a great deal of responsibility. You are often making decisions for and acting on behalf of the people you are caring for. Because of this, if something were to go wrong, you could be held liable.

Consider this
You are having a hectic day with a huge amount of pressure and responsibility.  By mistake, you give the wrong amount of medication to the person you are caring for. As a result, they need emergency medical care. This could result in a claim of negligence, malpractice or even professional misconduct.

Professional Indemnity insurance can protect you against claims of professional misconduct.

Consider this: 
You forget to clean a spill and this causes an elederly person to slip and injure themselves. You could be held liable for the cost of compensation of any medical treatment they may require.

Because you’re always in close contact with your clients, their families and members of the public, you are also exposed to the possibility of injuring someone or causing damage to their property.

Public Liability insurance will protect you against such claims by covering your legal and defence costs, court attendance costs, medical costs of the person who was injured and compensation awarded to them.

How can MyCareSpace help you?

MyCareSpace brings you Aged Care Worker insurance cover that is made for aged care support workers or paid carers and at an affordable price.

We are able to offer this insurance solution to aged care support workers instantly and it is accessible online or over the phone

No more lengthy documents and questionnaires, it’s a paperless experience.


You will need:
1. Your ABN
2. An estimate of your Yearly Income (How do I calculate this?)

What kind of insurance does an aged care support worker need?

Aged care support workers should consider the following types of cover. An insurance agent can offer you advice over the phone as to what the minimum cover needed for your individual circumstances.

1. Professional Indemnity

Covers you against legal claims for actions arising from the performance of your duties. E.g. giving advice (counselling), respite/health care, education and advice on the installation of home modifications and maintenance.

 2. Public Liability

If third parties suffer an injury or property damage as a result of your negligence, Biz Cover help ensure that you are protected in the event of a claim.

3. Personal Accident

Personal accident cover or otherwise known as 'income protection' cover is especially relevant if you have no other form of income and are running your own small business. If you are ill or injured, personal accident cover will ensure you have an income to cover your running expenses until you are well again.  This is optional and you can ask your insurance agent more about this.


You will need:
1. Your ABN
2. An estimate of your Yearly Income (How do I calculate this?)

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