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Insurance for NDIS Sole Traders

Insurance for NDIS Sole Traders

Insurance for NDIS Providers who are Sole Traders (Self Employed)

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NDIS sole traders are service providers who are self-employed. They may be newly formed businesses or have been delivering services for years. Either way, as an NDIS registered provider, they now face new business risks arising from delivering services within the disability industry. They will be signing new NDIS service agreements and handling the personal information of NDIS participants.

Many service providers may have come from other industries like age care, cleaning and transport and are unsure as to how these new specific risks affect their existing business and what additional risk prevention measures need to be taken. 

Your NDIS Audit says all NDIS Sole Traders need insurance

According to the new NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission, all NDIS registered service providers need:

  • Professional Indemnity,
  • Public Liability and
  • Accident cover 

All registered NDIS providers need to undergo an NDIS Audit process in order to maintain their NDIS registration.
See page 44 of the NDIS Practice Standards and Quality Indicators document.

To help you ensure your business complies with the Commission and mitigate disability-related business risk, MyCareSpace is partnering with insurance experts that understand what a disability services provider needs. 

These insurances allow you to demonstrate to your NDIS clients and stakeholders that your business is covered in the event of an incident and that you will be there even when things go wrong.

​Let an insurance expert advise you on how to protect yourself against these disability business risks and ensure all the correct insurances are in place when you get audited. 

Find Insurance that is comprehensive, competitively priced and instant

Our Sole Trader Insurance Partner is Biz Cover. 

Biz Cover provides NDIS service providers with instant insurance quotes that are immediately accessible to your business. No more lengthy documents and questionnaires, it’s a paperless experience.

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What kind of insurances are available to NDIS Sole Traders?

1. Property

If you own a building or any contents including desks, chairs, computers etc.

2. Professional Indemnity

Covers you against legal claims for actions arising from the performance of your duties.

3. Public Liability

If you have an office, are dealing with clients or members of the public or run/attend any events?

4. Personal Accident

Covers you for accidental injury or death whilst performing your duties.

5. Cyber Risk

If you are collecting and disclosing personal information about NDIS participants, you are at risk.

6. Motor Insurance (or similar)

If your organisation owns or leases motor vehicles, trailers or caravans for work or has volunteers who use a vehicle not owned by your organisation (e.g. their own car, car hire vehicle) for your work.

Personal Accident Insurance

The Quality and Safeguards Commission requires that an NDIS Provider has 'accident cover'. Check our information resource that helps you know when you need Personal Accident Insurance and how to get it to ensure you meet NDIS audit compliance.

Want to know more?

These solutions are accessible instantly online or over the phone. No more lengthy documents and questionnaires, it’s a paperless experience.

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