Find NDIS Clients by joining the MyCareSpace Platform

Join the MyCareSpace Platform and find NDIS Clients

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Targeted Marketing to help you reach NDIS clients

MyCareSpace is a national online platform that thousands of NDIS Participants & families, Support Coordinators and LACS are using to find and connect with verified NDIS Service Providers.

They do this by searching our directory or by using our concierge service where our Connections Team will do the search for them.

Our website attracts up to 2,000 visitors daily and has over 110,000 page views a month from people who are only looking for disability services and information

Our subscriptions are based on the amount of reach you need and the type of services you offer, which means we offer a very targeted marketing opportunity and that is marketing dollars well spent. 

Not yet NDIS Registered?

We have an NDIS Registration Partner to help you: Find out more here

We support your NDIS and business needs

NDIS compliance can be complicated and not only expensive but you could lose your NDIS registration if you get it wrong. We make sure you have access to the right information and protection. We help you with insurance, legal services and other essential business services.

We also provide you with the NDIS answers you need to everyday questions like "What is the line item for that" or "How do I bill this?" or "How do I pass my next audit?".

With regular workshops, networking events and webinars, we help you build your networks and your sales and marketing skills.


How does MyCareSpace connect Providers with NDIS Clients

We get NDIS providers in front of thousands of Participants, Carers, Support Coordinators and LACs looking for disability services and information.

We can connect you with NDIS Clients in 3 ways:

  1. People search for verified NDIS Providers in our Directory
    Your detailed MyCareSpace listing comes up - they can contact you directly
  2. People submit a Support Request, telling us what they need
    Our Connections Team does the search for them, matching them with 3 Providers that meet their needs.
    They connect the person with you directly and you follow up. 
    You can view all these connections in your Provider Portal at any time.
  3. We guide you to create local community connections
    We give you advice on how to connect with your local Support Coordinators, Local Area Coordinators and Councils.


Our Provider Team is ready to support you

Let us help you find NDIS customers and give you tips on how to best connect with them (and get paid quickly)!

Let us also give you advice on NDIS compliance and access to other business services

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