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FAQ for Service Providers

Providers FAQ

Find below the most commonly asked questions and instructions are how to find the answers!

If this still doesn't answer your questions, please email us at providersupport@mycarespace.com.au 

How do I list my business in the directory?

Find our more about the marketing service that MyCareSpace performs for NDIS providers and how to sign up and get started: How to advertise on MyCareSpace




How does MyCareSpace work?

MyCareSpace is a national online platform that helps NDIS Providers market their services to NDIS Participants & families, SC and LACS.
We provide a targeted marketing service by placing providers in front of their target customers. Our website has over 100,000 page views a month from people looking for disability services and information. Read more about how MyCareSpace works



How much does it cost to list my business?

The cost of a MyCareSpace Subsription changes with the amount of reach and the amount of promotion it includes. View our different Subscription Options and find out which might be the best for you.



Are there any requirements to list my business on MyCareSpace?

Do I have to be an NDIS registered Service Provider to list in the directory?

No you do not. We recognise that there are many valuable services available from non NDIS providers and not all our consumers are registered with the NDIS.

We do however have minimum requirements to list on MyCareSpace. See our requirements.



How do I manage my listing?

Check the MyCareSpace Subscriber Support to find out how to add or change the information in your listing.



How do I view referrals sent to me?

Watch this video on how to view your MyCareSpace referrals.



How does my listing get ratings?

Word of mouth is your best method of advertising

Have your existing customers add their reviews to your listing. It's a quick and simple process and will improve your rankings in the search results!

The MyCareSpace team will accept phone, email and written reviews.

Find out more here



How do I access my monthly invoices?

Each renewal, your invoice will be emailed directly to you. You can also access all invoices and update any of your subscription info in the MyCareSpace Client Portal. You were emailed an invitation to join the Client Portal when you originally subscribed.

Login to the MyCareSpace Client Portal here



How do I cancel my Subscription?

Please email our provider team at: cancellations@mycarespace.com.au