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How to write a Review

MyCareSpace will accept reviews in most formats:

1) Phone in a Review

Call 1300 2888 98 to phone in your review.

2) Email a Review

Email us at with the name of the provider and the review you wish to give.

3) Write a Review from within any listing in the MyCareSpace directory

Use the Write a Review button to add one online or the Phone a Review button to give us a call.


Review buttons on a listing

Make your experience count! 

We know that word of mouth is the most reliable way of finding the right service that suits our needs. You can make your experience with a provider count, by sharing what you think with our community. Your views can help shape how others choose their providers. Only Mycarespace members are eligible to write reviews so register as a member today!

How to Review a Service Provider? What do I write?

We often have our Members ask us "What should I write?" when they are considering leaving a review for a Service Provider.

The answer is, keep it simple!

When you are writing your review, answer these 3 simple questions:

1) What service did you receive and from which branch (if applicable)?
2) What specifically did you like or dislike about the service or product?
3) To whom specifically would you recommend or not recommend this service?


See our content guidelines for more information about how and what we consider before publishing our member reviews.

How do I use the Star Rating system?

Our 5 star rating system is quick and easy to use. Together with your written review you can give other members an idea as to the service and overall experience you received. 

1 star rating
1 Star:

You experienced multiple negative aspects.

2 star rating
2 Stars:

You experienced 1 or 2 negative aspects.

3 star rating
3 Stars:

Your experience was both positive and negative.

4 star rating
4 Stars: 

Your experience was overall positive.

5 star rating
5 Stars:

Your experience exceeded your expectations.



We encourage our members to help other members make informed choices

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