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Content Guidelines

Mycarespace moderates all reviews submitted in the Mycarespace directory before publishing them.

The Mycarespace online team checks all reviews that have been submitted before making them publicly available. This means that you won’t see your review appear immediately after submitting it.

We check each review to assess whether the review is genuine and submitted in good faith. i.e with the intent to help other members make informed care decisions about the services they seek.

We also assess whether a review meets with the objectives of the Mycarespace Directory which is “to improve the quality of life for people with disability by assisting them to discover, connect & share local consumer reviewed services, products & experiences.”

We recognise that our members may have had both good and bad experiences with a service provider and both those experiences will help other members make informed choices, however Mycarespace does not accept the following in a review submitted by its members:

  • Swearing, profanity or rude language.
  • Accusations of indecent or criminal activity.
  • Views of a religious or political nature.
  • Reviews about other people’s experiences. They must be your own experiences. Note that you may physically assist someone write their review but it must express their own thoughts and experiences.
  • Reviews about your own organisation.
  • Multiple reviews about the same service at the same organisation.
  • Reviews that we are unable to understand or read.
  • Reviews that appear to be intent on inflicting intentional harm on an organisation or individual or competitor.
  • Reviews that would be better suited to another authority or government body. I.e ACCC, Police or Complaints Commission.

What happens if your review does not meet our guidelines?

If we think a review does not meet our guidelines we will contact you and see whether we can help you re-write the review so that it does meet our guidelines and can be published. If this is not possible, we will remove the review from our website. If we cannot contact you, we will not publish the review until such time that we can.

Published Reviews

If you notice a review that you feel does not meet our content guidelines, please contact us and let us know.