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Insurance for Independent NDIS Support Coordinators

Insurance for disability care workers


You will need:
1. Your ABN
2. An estimate of your Yearly Income (How do I calculate this?)

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NDIS Support Coordinators need the right insurance

Our Independent NDIS Support Coordinators Insurance provides you with peace of mind, ensuring that:
1. There is no more guess work in selecting your ‘occupation’ 
2. There is complete certainty that insurers have understood your role and cannot avoid paying the claim due to non-disclosure
3. ONE policy will cover you both as a Support Coordinator and Allied health Professional (or Support Worker) 
4. The product is highly competitively priced when compared to other insurances for the disability sector


When would an Independent NDIS Support Coordinators need insurance?

An independent NDIS Support Coordinator refers to a support coordinator who is not employed by a company or NDIS Provider but is working as a sole trader or engaged by an NDIS provider as an independent contractor with an ABN.

An independent contractor will most likely not be covered by the provider's Workers' Compensation and so will need to arrange their own insurance cover. As a sole trader registered with the NDIS Commission, it is a requirement to hold Public Liability and Personal Indemnity insurance.

If the Independent Support Coordinator is engaged by an NDIS Provider (or Principal), it may be a contractual requirement for them to hold Public Liability and Personal Indemnity insurance. Regardless, it is sound business practice for a Support Coordinator to hold Public Liability and Personal Indemnity insurance cover to protect them from claims made against them.

An independent Support Coordinator takes on a great deal of responsibility. They are often supporting NDIS Participants to make decisions and are acting on their behalf.  They may need to take action based on their own assumptions about a participant's capabilities and requirements, their surroundings and their family. Because of this, if something were to go wrong as a result of their actions, decisions or advice, they could be held liable.

To help independent support coordinators cover the risks they face while doing this important work, MyCareSpace is partnering with BizCover, a small business insurance specialist. We have spent quite some time helping BizCover and the insurance companies they work with understand the role of a support coordinator in the disability industry.

Do insurance companies already offer cover for an 'NDIS Support Coordinator'?

There was previously no appropriate insurance available for the role of 'Support Coordinator' because insurance companies did not recognise this occupation. Now that we have helped them understand the role and their associated risks, we bring tailor-made insurance cover for independent NDIS support coordinators.

The first of its kind.


You will need:
1. Your ABN
2. An estimate of your Yearly Income (How do I calculate this?)

Or call and Agent on 02 8287 6576

What kind of insurance cover is available to independent NDIS support coordinators?

 1. Professional Indemnity

Covers you against legal claims for actions arising from the performance of your duties. E.g. giving advice, making decisions, 

 2. Public Liability

Protects you against claims resulting from accidents or injuries that occur as a result of your negligence, as well as damage to property owned or controlled by someone else which also occurs as a result of your actions.

3. Personal Accident (optional add on)

An accident or serious illness could force you to stop working for an extended period, leaving you without an income.

Personal Accident and Illness insurance can provide levels of cover for loss of income if you are unable to work, permanently disabled or even pass away as a result of an unexpected injury or illness (even if it occurs outside of your employment). It is not a one size fits all type of insurance and can be tailored to suit your personal needs.

How can you get insurance for NDIS Support Coordinators?

These solutions are accessible instantly online and over the phone. No more lengthy documents and questionnaires, it’s a paperless experience.

You will need:
1. Your ABN
2. An estimate of your Yearly Income (How do I calculate this?)

Or call an Agent on 02 8287 6576

Need to speak to an Agent?

Call 02 8287 65 76 to speak to a Biz Cover agent to make sure you have the cover you need to protect yourself whilst at work.


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