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What happens when an NDIS participant cancels your NDIS service? What cancellation notice is standard and how much do you charge?

We recently came across Paul: an Aussie chap who created a Youtube channel called Aspergers from th

The FACTS about the Royal Commission into Violence, Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation of People with Disability

What is the Royal Commission?

Caring for you, while you care for someone.
We're here for you.

Anyone can be a carer.

This is the first in our series titled "How do you keep your Support Workers Connected?" which addresses ways that help families keep their support workers connected with themselve

AllPlay Learn program

Deakin University, in partnership with the Victorian Department of Education and Training, is proud to present the AllPlay Learn program. 

Buying second hand assistive technology can help spread your funds that little bit further or perhaps you are even looking to sell assistive technology that you no longer need.

I recently read an article titled “What It Feels Like to Be a Special Needs Mom” and I quite enjoye

People with disabilities can use national disability insurance scheme funds to access specialised sex worker services, the federal court has ruled.

The following resources are available to help guide teachers:

Can ADHD Funding Follow the Path of Autism Funding?

Below find a list of the state-based autism associations who can provide assessment services or can point you in the direction of local clinics and services.

What are Sensory Friendly Movie Screenings?

What is the Companion Card?

Temple Grandin was diagnosed with Autism as a child. She did not talk until she was three and a half years old. At age four, doctors said Dr.

What Disability Travel Concessions are available in my State?

What records do I need to keep when self managing my NDIS plan?

The Official Info from NDIS

What is the new TTP (Temporary Transformation Payment) for NDIS Service Providers?

What does an Autism Assessment Involve?

What is Assistive Technology (AT) in the NDIS? 

What does Reasonable and Necessary mean?

Last Updated 11 July 2019

Last Updated 11 July 2019

What is Early Childhood Early Intervention (ECEI)?

This resource has been created for parents and teachers to provide them with support and information on ADHD.

Need help finding a Music Therapist in your area?

People with a Disability and Domestic Violence

How is the NDIS and their LACS supporting people coming from domestic violence?

Resources that accompany our webinar titled Organising my NDIS supports Webinar

Standing Up for Sunny

Sport for people with a disability in NSW

Find a list of specific sports and organisations for people with disability. 

Certain supplies to an NDIS participant are GST-free...

Webinar titled Risk, Compliance & the NDIS Commission

Overview of the Dandelion Program