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Where to find accessible beaches across Australia

Accessible beaches in Australia

How to find an Accessible Beach near you

The Accessible Beach Directory has the most detailed directory listing of accessible beaches in Australia! Near or far - find an accessible beach wherever you are.

The beach is for everyone.

At Accessible Beaches Australia they believe that the beach is for everyone and they advocate for an inclusive experience for all Australians of all abilities, neurodiversity and age.

What makes a beach accessible?

There are many components that make a beach accessible. Not all of these are required for a beach to be accessible but the more the better!

  • Accessible parking (multiple available) in a well located position close to access points
  • Wide clear pathways
  • Accessible bathrooms or Changing Places facility
  • Direct beach access from the pathways
  • Beach matting to the water’s edge
  • Beach wheelchairs
  • Compliant ramps if needed
  • Access to shade and fresh water
  • Accessible by public transport 
  • Food outlets nearby

Each beach in the Accesible Beach directory is rated according to these elements.

How do I find a beach near me?

Use this directory to search for beaches by State and Location!

You will find:

  • a description of each beach
  • a list of its features and
  • a rating out of 5 stars
  • photos of the beach
  • if its open or closed
  • the weather report at the beach
  • You will even find out if the beach is open and what the current temperature is!

There is not other beach directory like this!

Find an Accessible Beach Near You


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