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Can I get my wheelchair repaired without needing a new plan?

Who pays for Repairs and Maintenance to Assistive Technology (AT) in the NDIS? 

The 2019 Talent Camp focuses on episodic narrative, both short and long form, with pathways for emerging talent to develop their own web series, find employment in television series and further the


How do autistic people see the world?

Some autistic people say the world feels overwhelming and this can cause them considerable anxiety.

What Diagnosis does the NDIS require for Autism

For many people preparing for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and that first planning meeting, making sure you receive the support and funding to meet your needs is priority #1, and

Transport FAQ for Participants

What transport supports will be funded by the NDIS?

Under the NDIS, some transport related supports may include:

Need help with your NDIS Audit or Registration?

NDIS and Social Activities


Young people dancing

When your child is diagnosed on the autism spectrum you have so many questions. What does the diagnosis mean? What’s the best approach as a parent? What happens now?

A service agreement acts as a promise between two people in providing a service for payment in return. An NDIS plan lists NDIS supports, but a Service Agreement is about delivering those supports.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provides support to people with disability, their families and

What is the SAS (Super Abilities Social) Club? 

MyCareSpace has been a great admirer of Carly Findlay since we started our journey and have been avidly following her publications, achievements and events.  Her latest success is

For a while now we have been big (I mean massive) fans of Dylan Alcott. What a champ this guy is.

MyCareSpace had a chat with Patricia Reilly from Beyond The Masks about Sandplay Therapy.

Is your current NDIS Plan is coming to an end?

Having decided to be a service provider under the NDIS there are a number of financial decisions that need to be made. Your commercial viability and your participant’s experience are linked.

Aon is the recommended insurance partner to the members of MyCarespace and in this article they share their top five questions to ask before buying insurance:

Accessing and understanding the NDIS is more difficult for people from culturally diverse backgrounds, so MyCareSpace did a little digging to see what helpful resources we could find for our multil

Luz All Abilities is bringing Special Yoga for Special Children training course to Australia. 

A list of school holiday activities that we have collected, compiled by state.

Can I buy it with my NDIS funding? 

The access criteria are designed to determine whether people with disability have a current need for support under the NDIS, based on one or more permanent impairments that affect their daily living and social and economic participation - their functional capacity -  on an ongoing basis.

This great article was written by The Growing Space and we are super excited to share it with our community.

At MyCareSpace we always have our ear to the proverbial NDIS ground and have heard that many participants, doctors, therapists and families have been having trouble when writing or accessing report

What are your goals?

Applause Musical Theatre Academy offers musical theatre classes to children, teens and adults of all abilities.  Their special needs classes provide kids, teens and adults with the opportunity to e

Our Panelists covered 3 important topics:

  • Getting started with setting NDIS goals
  • Understanding how my goals link to my NDIS Plan

The audit process for NDIS registration and renewal can be daunting. There isn’t much information available to service providers to help guide them.
Here are some tips to help ease your path through the audit process.

Can I buy it with my NDIS funds? 

When do I need an AT Assessment?

This article contains:

Music therapy as a reasonable and necessary support NDIS support for people with disability

What is Music Therapy?

Minding Our Business is a peer support group for people with disability who want to learn about starting a very small business. We believe that everyone can work.

With the National Disability Insurance Scheme rolling out across Australia, in theory families in all parts of Australia now have access to funds to pay for services and therapies regardless of whe

Online Housing Search Platforms

Disability Housing

The Growing Space wrote this wonderful article titled 'Got my NDIS Plan, what now?'

The NDIS has now rolled out across all parts of Australia. Over 300,000 participants are receiving funds as part of their NDIS plans to spend on disability supports and services.

Resources that accompanied our webinar: How use your NDIS funds to smash barriers & create innovative post school options


To write effective supporting documentation for people with disabilities and complex support needs seeking NDIS access or NDIS plan reviews, you need to get the words right

Many participants have found it very frustrating that the headings on the NDIS paper plan can be different to those in the NDIS portal.