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What is Autism? An intro for neurotypical kids and adults

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What is Autism?

This is a question asked by individuals, parents, teachers, friends and family alike. It's a question that can require quite some explaining (and understanding) and we when we came across this wonderful short video, we just had to share it with you.

What does Autism look like?

This video shows how people with Autism see the world and it is a wonderful resource to help people understand what being Autistic might feel like. It describes the extraordinary things Autistic people can do and also the challenges they face. It shows us how it might feel to look through the eyes of someone with Autism and how they can feel and react in different situations.

This video is especially useful for teachers and parents who need to explain (and understand) what Autism is.

New note: The  guy that createc this ia looking for funding to create another video

Available in Other Languages

Wow wow Wow! We just found out that this incredible video is available in 23 languages. Unbelievable! Here are the links:




































Amazing Things Happen – Ukrainian

Amazing Things Happen – Ukrainian


Their website can be found here.

Go Fund Me Appeal to make the Next Autism Video

Help Alex make an autism awareness short animation featuring 14 bright children who want to share their experiences in the autistic spectrum to help their non-autistic peers understand them better. 

Amazing Kids Video - go fund me appeal


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