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The world may have been turned on its head, but we have been gathering the troops (and information) to help you during these uncertain and challenging times 

There are many initiatives around Australia to help people with disability during these uncertain and most certainly challenging times.

Get up to speed on the Government Assistance for Businesses hit by Coronavirus

2020-21 NDIS Price Guide and NDIS Support Catalogue

Changes to the NDIS Price Guide

MYCARESPACE offers the following service to businesses that wish to deliver their services online using video consultations during this uncertain time of Corona Virus and self- isolation.

MyCareSpace has been super busy working with our NDIS providers to ensure they can continue to offer their services to participants during these uncertain times.

We asked the team at PQ Plus for un update on how COVID-19 is affecting NDIS provi

Access to the PDF version of the Dept of Health online eLearning COVID19 training module that offers online training for health care workers in all settings.

Summary of support for NDIS service providers...

This resource is to help people who have just received their NDIS plan and are totally confused!

To become an NDIS registered provider in Western Australia you will need to follow these steps:

Getting the Most Out of Your NDIS Plan

Digital info package to accompany our webinar titled Understanding NDIS Audits in 2020

How much does it really cost to become an NDIS registered provider?

The NDIS includes a number of 'stakeholders' (fancy word for interested parties) and since we often receive questions about who's who, we decided to put a resource together that covers each of them

If you are a care worker who is working for themselves as a sole trader, you need comprehensive insurance that includes professional indemnity, public liability and personal accident cover. Here's why.

The NDIS has provided the following information in light of the Bushfires.

Here are a few vital links to help navigate and survive the Bushfire Emergency

Changes to the NDIS Audit Requirements - 1 Jan 2020 incl changes in the NDIS Audit Requirments for future NDIS Registrations and Renewals

How do I create an NDIS service agreement ?

A service agreement acts as a promise between two people in providing a service for payment in return.

What strategies are in place to support NDIS participants to make a complaint?

The NDIS has rolled out across all parts of Australia now. How you register for the NDIS is dependent on where you provide services.

This resource was suggested and sponsored by the the team at Royal Rehab who answer these questions on a daily basis. Royal Rehab is a Supported Disability Accommodation (SDA) and Supported Indepen

MyCareSpace answers your NDIS Audit questions.

For new or existing disability providers who want to become NDIS registered.

Your annual income is an estimate of how much you think you will earn in a year. This is used by the insurers to measure how much risk they are taking on and is common practice in the insurance industry

This info will help to make your NDIS audits less stressful and your preparation most effective. 

1. Update Referral Email

Make sure we have the correct email to send your referrals to.

Did you know that you can now set 2 emails for referrals.

Here are our TOP TIPS on how the most successful MyCareSpace subscribers are attracting new clients and getting referrals organically using their MyCareSpace listi

Instructions for Service Providers Listed on the MyCareSpace Directory


Self Managing your NDIS plan gives you the flexibility and choice to decide what supports you buy to meet your N

These resources accompany the webinar "Children with Developmental Delays, Autism and the NDIS".

Change can be overwhelming, and even scary for some, but with a little knowledge and preparation it is possible to embrace the new and look to the future with confidence. 

Will the NDIS pay for a support worker and other supports whilst I am travelling overseas?

A common question which seems to attract much confusion.

What is it like to have your parenting ability constantly questioned, and live in fear your children will be removed?

When a child is diagnosed with autism, the few support systems available are often tailored towards mothers – but where does that leave Dad?

INS LifeGuard Personal Alarm

NDIS to fund disability-related health supports from 1 Oct 2019

Sometimes NDIS providers spend time on the phone, looking for more information, sending emails or writing reports for a participant.