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Best App for Taking Case Notes for Support Coordinators

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Case notes are an absolute requirement of every Support Coordinator's life and they take time, energy and effort. 

You also often need to make them on the run (after seeing a Participant) so it needs to be quick and easy to do.

We have put together some tips to help you smash your case notes! is a transcription or speech-to-text app powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning.

It can be accessed/installed:

  1. In a web browser
  2. As an Apple app
  3. As an Android app
  4. Integrated with:
    • Zoom
    • Google Meet
    • Microsoft Teams is our number 1 choice for the following reasons:

  • Easy to record voice notes at your desk or on the rule as it's supported in your browser, on iPhone and Android
  • Creates a transcript of your voice recording on the fly - as you are speaking, it is transcribing
  • Transcription is closely accurate (even with accents)
  • You can add notes to any part of the transcription.
  • Forward your transcription anywhere - your email, teams, other CRM software where you want to store it
  • Share as a transcript or a voice memo - both options are available
  • You can search your recordings - any part of them!!
  • Base product is free with a wide range of functionality. Has paid upgrade options

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If you don't have access to, you can use what you have on your phone.

iPhone Voice Memo

If you don't have anything else on hand, your iPhone Voice Memo app is a great option. It comes standard with all iPhones. Find out how to use it here.

Samsung Voice Recorder

Same with Samsung. It also has a native Voice Recorder with transcription options. Find out how to use it here.

How to Write Good Case Notes

  1. Do it immediately - you don't need to wait until you get back to your desk if you had a face-to-face meeting - use one of these apps to do it immediately while the info is still fresh in your mind.
  2. Create a 'template' for yourself that you follow every time. This will make it easy to read through them in the future.

    For example, record your case notes in the same order EVERY time:

    • Name of Participant
    • Location of meeting and if it is in person or on the phone
    • Time spent at the meeting.
    • Topics covered
    • Outcomes
    • Actionable items
  3. Create a file naming convention for your case notes: lastname.firstname date 



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