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Latest NDIS Price Guide from 29 March

The new 2019/2020 NDIS price guide

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2019-20 NDIS Price Guide and NDIS Support Catalogue

The NDIA publish 2 documents that relate to the supply and cost of supports under the NDIS (last updated 29 March 2020):

  1. NDIS Price Guide 2019–20
    This does not contain prices, but rather policy information and guidance for Providers and Support Coordinators, Plan Managers and Participants. There is a single national price guide.
  2. NDIS Support Catalogue 2019–20 
    This is the NDIS 'price list' and contains the price limits, support categories, descriptions and line item numbers to help clearly identify what is claimable. 

COVID-19: Temporary Changes

There are a number of changes made to the NDIS pricelist to help providers continue to provide supports during this uncertain time:

  • Assistive Technology allowance of up to $750 to buy smart devices/equipment to continue receiving supports
  • A temporary 10% increase in the price limit of some Core and Capacity Building supports
  • Changes to the cancellation rules
  • Introducing 3 new support coordination items under Core Supports to support plan flexibility

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Download the latest NDIS Support Catalogue & Price Guide

Support Catalogue 2019-2020 30 April (PDF) - NDIS Price List as PDF

Support Catalogue 2019-2020 30 April (XLS) - NDIS Price List in excel 

Price Guide 2019–2020 30 April 2020 (PDF) - Explains different parts of funding, no prices.

EASY TO READ NDIS PRICE LIST 25 March (XLS) - *Preferred option*

Additional ​Special Price Guides

There are separate price guide published for AT and SDA, but remember you only find prices in the Support Catalogue.



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