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Your Pregnancy, Your Choices - Resources for pregnant women with an Intellectual disability

A pregnant woman wearing a light blue shirt rests her hands on her belly. We cannot see her face.

People with intellectual disability experience barriers to making decisions in their pregnancy.

Some people believe people with intellectual disability cannot make decisions about becoming a parent.

We know people with intellectual disability can make decisions about their pregnancy but having access to good, accessible, inclusive information is important, as well as opportunities to be supported in their decision making, as they best want.

This set of resources called ‘Your Pregnancy, Your Choices’ is intended to facilitate discussions about making important decisions in pregnancy. They can be used by pregnant people with intellectual disability, family members and health care professionals.

The resources were co-designed with women with intellectual disability who were pregnant or who had had a baby.


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  1. Your Pregnancy Your Choices - A Guide for SUPPORTERS
    This is a comprehensive guide for supporters on how to use these resources to support someone with an Intellectual Disability that is having a baby. 
  2. A two-way communication card
    This two-way communication card is intended to be a way in which the pregnant person can decide and communicate the best way they would like to receive information from you and their supporting medical staff. 
  3. Taking medications during your pregnancy
    This resource covers the challenges (and changes) that pregnant women face when they are already taking medication before falling pregnant
  4. Different ways for you to be cared for when you are pregnant 
    This resource explores different antenatal care options – what they are and their differences
  5. Things that help with pain when you are having a baby
    This resource covers birth pain relief options – their risks and advantages and your choices


This series of resources was developed by Northcott Innovation and disAbility Maternity Care as a project titled:  ‘Supported Decision Making for Women with Intellectual Disability During Pregnancy’ funded by the Council for Intellectual Disability.



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