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Actually Autistic - What it's actually like to be autistic

Actually Autistic

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Panelists: Chloe Hayden, Grace Tame & Jac den Houting
Curated and moderated by Amy Thunig

In a world where we often hear about autistic people, this panel of actually autistic high achievers tell us about their own lives, on their own terms.

The MyCareSpace, Plan Hero and The A List team were so very fortunate to attend an incredible live panel discussion titled 'Actually Autistic' at the Sydney Opera House as part of the All About Women 2023 festival.

Nearly 80% of autistic women are mis- or un-diagnosed - but every day we're learning more about this disability.

It featured 4 'actually autistic', high-achieving women who shared how they navigate social scenes and professional settings. They spoke about the moment people say 'you don't look autistic' and the level of masking required to present this image of themselves - and what happens when it breaks down.

We were surprised by a quirky, engaging, and funny version of Grace Tame (who we all know from her Scomo dirty look) and a gorgeous Dr Amy Thunig who told us how she mimics all things Disney princesses - and she has absolutely nailed it!

Chloe Hayden is an actress on the Australian series Heartbreak High who shared her diagnosis journey, her dislike for Sia, and the support she has been receiving from the film industry.  She told us how she grew up thinking she "wasn't supposed to exist", and that "autistic people were MADE for movies" because we spend our whole lives pretending to be someone else!

This session should not be missed if you are a parent going through an autism diagnosis or have an autistic daughter.

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