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What is an NDIS Therapy Assistant + how much is a Therapy Assistant?

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What is a Therapy Assistant in the NDIS?

A therapy assistant can support participants in their therapy, after undergoing some training or supervision from a therapist.

They assist in helping the participant and their family implement their therapy plan, leaving the therapist to focus on the more complex parts of service delivery.

They must be implementing supports/strategies/techniques that are helping you/your child reach their plan goals.

They can also be used to assist the Therapists in their administrative tasks.

Types of Therapy Assistants

Level 1 Therapy Assistants

Level 2 Therapy Assistants can only deliver support under the direct supervision of a therapist.

Level 2 Therapy Assistants

Level 2 Therapy Assistants can deliver supports under indirect supervision but may require specific training in the needs of the participant from the therapist before they take responsibility for the delivery of the therapy.

In these cases, it is appropriate for the provider to bill for the time spent by both the therapist and the therapy assistant.

This arrangement can represent value for money for the participant compared to the alternative of all supports being delivered by the supervising therapists.

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Note to Providers: Where a support is delivered by a therapy assistant, they are operating under the delegation and supervision of an allied health professional.

The therapy assistant must be covered by the professional indemnity insurance of the supervising allied health professional (or the allied health professional’s or therapy assistant's employing provider).

Benefits of using a Therapy Assistant

The cost of a therapy assistant is ½ or even ⅓ that of a therapist, so this helps the participant stretch their therapy funding.

This also helps where there is not enough capacity (or funds) for a Participant to see a therapist weekly. Instead you could see your Therapist on alternating weeks with a Therapy Assistant.

Therapists will use a Therapy Assistant to help with research, product sourcing, report and notes writing. This means that you are only paying a Therapists for therapy delivered, not for admin tasks.

How do I pay a Therapy Assistant?

Therapy Assistants come under the Capacity Building part of your plan (the same part as your Therapy funding).

They can be supplied by the Therapy Company or you can source one yourself. 

Your Service Agreement should specify exactly how and when the Therapy Assistant will be working. 

How to find a Therapy Assistant

Ask the MyCareSpace Team to help you!

Our Connections Team will do the search for you and send you the details of Therapy Assistants in your local area.





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