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Webinar: How to find NDIS Clients (and keep them)

Webinar: Find NDIS clients

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Who is this webinar for?

This webinar is critical for both new NDIS businesses and existing businesses wanting to grow their client base. 

If you are a new ndis provider and looking to find your first clients, you absolutely must not miss this webinar. If you have been operating for some time, but feel you're not getting the traction you need, this will be invaluable in helping you  identify where you need to focus.


Why this webinar cannot be missed!

This webinar is delivered by the team whose job it is to connect NDIS Providers with Participants, Support Coordinators, Local Area Coordinators and more.

Their insights and experience are real-life and hands on! They witness firsthand Provider success and Provider failure and they will share this with you. 

There is no other webinar delivered on this topic that has such genuine and practical knowledge behind it.


What will this webinar cover?

  • The importance of a multi-pronged approach to reaching NDIS clients
  • Connecting with Support Coordinators and LACS
  • Managing Leads
  • How to convert Leads to Clients
  • What makes a successful NDIS Provider
  • Is there such a thing as Free Advertising?
  • Getting the most from your website
  • Do I need social media?
  • Disability Expos - are they worth it?
  • How to leverage your MyCareSpace exposure to the maximum

Buy and watch now ($99)



Speaker 2

Bianca Shapiro - COO and Partner

Bianca has spent the last 7 years supporting NDIS Providers, giving them the support and knowledge they need to thrive in the NDIS.

Deb Zinman - MyCareSpace Provider Team Manager

Deb Zinman - Provider Team Manager

Deb heads the MyCareSpace Provider Team. She speaks to hundreds of MyCareSpace Providers weekly and is closely connected to the success (and failure) of Providers.


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