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Should Self Managed Participants use the NDIS Worker Screening Check

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Should self-managed participants use the screening process?

As self-managed participants are largely in control of their funds and support systems, they also have the option of using the new NDIS Worker Screening process. They can decide for themselves whether or not they will require their workers to undergo the screening process.

It works in the same way as it would for a registered NDIS provider:

when a worker applies for their check, they will nominate the employer in order to verify their application.

In this instance, a worker would nominate the self-managed participant and once verified, they would be linked to the worker.

The self-managed participant can then view the status of their screening check application, including when it is accepted and when it expires.

One thing self-managed participants should note is that in order for the worker to nominate them as their employer, participants need to have access to the NDIS Worker Screening Database (NWSD).

To register for access to the NWSD please head to this website or read the resource Quick reference guide: Request access to the NDIS Worker Screening Database (NWSD) Self-managed participant.

Although self-managed participants have the option of using the screening process, it is a recommended option for the safeguard of their safety and wellbeing.

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