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The Fundamentals of High Quality Teletherapy

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How does teletherapy work?

Therapy via telepractice is just like face-to-face therapy except that it’s done over the phone and by videoconference. This means you can be at home or any location that suits you and don’t have to come into physical contact with anyone. There are no waiting lists, no travel time and no need to put your health at risk sitting in a waiting room.

Therapy Connect is a leading NDIS Provider of allied health, with 100% delivered by telepractice and registered all states and territories of Australia. Therapy Connect delivers:

  • speech therapy,
  • occupational therapy
  • psychology
  • physiotherapy 
  • dietetics

Therapy connect has been providing these therapies to children, families and adults all over Australia and has been doing so for the past 7 years.  As leaders in this sector, we understand how to deliver quality allied health via teletherapy that is consistent with contemporary disability practice.

What about the technology?

We know that everyone has different levels of confidence with technology so we will talk through what you might need and give you the opportunity to test it out. We make it as simple and user-friendly as possible. If you’ve ever used FaceTime or Skype, it’s not too different and we’ll make sure it works for you before you make a commitment.


How do you make sure the therapy is high quality?

We know what it takes to deliver quality allied health services via telepractice that are consistent with contemporary disability practice. Early on, we partnered with The University of Sydney Wobbly Hub team in the project Telepractice for children with complex disability which allowed us to understand how to adapt therapy for online delivery. This allowed us to develop the evidence and research on what is needed to delivery high quality teletherapy.  It has taken years of work to establish a successful model and we have just passed our NDIS certification audit with elements of best practice.

What we have learned is that telepractice works best when:

  • people are given lots of support at the start 
  • people are comfortable with the technology
  • therapists are well prepared for sessions
  • practitioners know how to adapt their therapy and resources for online delivery

We ensure our practitioners receive training in teletherapy and support them to plan, deliver and improve their services.

The Fundamentals of high quality teletherapy

Years of delivering teletherapy has given us a treasure chest of learnings to implement so we know how to deliver high quality telepractice. The key elements of high quality teletherapy include:

  • prioritising building relationships and giving the person choice and control; 
  • excellence is achieved with skilled professionals
  • a lot of behind the scenes work needs to be done so the therapist is prepared
  • the technology is simply the vehicle for service delivery needs to meet the needs and goals of the person


What about the Privacy and security aspects of Teletherapy?

The key thing to know is that using telehealth technology still means the therapist should be working to the same professional Code of Conduct principles including considering things like Security of information, Informed Consent, Privacy and Confidentiality. The therapist must comply with Australian Privacy Principles, Federal Privacy Legislation and Jurisdictional Privacy Regulations that govern electronic storage and transmission of client data. If you have concerns speak to the provider about this issue.

Providers should use secure  or encrypted servers with an audit trail, secure messaging, strong multi-step authentication and separate log in permissions to minimise any loss of your personal data. 

The Professional Code of Conduct principles still apply when using telehealth. 


Do you need therapy supports but have to socially isolate?

With the daily escalation of COVID-19 or corona virus in Australia and our understanding of the critical importance of social isolation to help ‘flatten the curve’, the delivery of health services online through telepractice is a significant solution. At Therapy Connect, we deliver speech therapy, occupational therapy, psychology, physiotherapy and dietetics to children, families and adults all over Australia, all through telepractice.

We have over 7 years experience delivering therapy fully online and have a team of more than 20 practitioners. We are registered with the NDIS and understand how to deliver high quality therapy supports completely remotely.

What next?

You can ask MyCareSpace to make a referral on your behalf - we will talk with you over the phone about what you or your child needs and if online services will work for you;

  • we can talk through any concerns you have 
  • how to overcome any challenges
  • share evidence with you about how telepractice works.
  • we will work with you to plan the therapy type and frequency that suits you 
  • we will hand pick the best fit practitioner for you, based upon the skills needed and times requested.


Want to know more?

At the moment, we can deliver speech therapy, occupational therapy, psychology, physiotherapy and dietetics to anyone, anywhere in Australia. 

If you are interested, contact us on the details below:

Phone: 1300 757 806


Therapyconnect website

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