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Support Coordination for all during the pandemic

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NEWS Flash! The NDIS has made changes during the pandemic to allow all NDIS participants to access Support Coordination using their CORE support budget.

Support Coordinators have an important role in helping participants connect with service providers so that they can implement the funded supports in their NDIS plan.

During the pandemic Support Coordinators are working twice as hard to ensure that participants continue to have access to the services and supports they need.

Did you know that all participants can get this help from a Support Coordinator?

If you already have Support Coordination in your plan

If you already receive Support Coordination, you should use your Support Coordination funding from your Capacity Building budget in your plan.

If you require more hours than what is funded in your Capacity Building funds, you can use your CORE budget for additional hours of Support Coordination.


  • Any agreed increase in support coordination hours must have a service agreement and new service booking in place.
  • If your funds are low in both your Capacity Building and CORE budgets, and you need more help, call the NDIS on 1800 800 110. 


If you don't have support coordination in your plan

If you do not have support coordination in your plan but require additional assistance, you should first contact your LAC or ECEI partner, call us on 1800 800 110.

If your LAC or ECEI partner cannot support you during this time, you may be able to use your CORE plan funds flexibly to access support coordination. 

Note: you must have a service agreement and service booking in place before any service is delivered.

How to find a Support Coordinator

You can use the MyCareSpace Directory.

Find a Support Coordinator

The MyCareSpace Connections Team can connect you with options.

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