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Andrian from Maple Plan who offer Plan Managment services in Victoria will be answering your questions.  

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My plan manager is giving me trouble because some of my invoices don't have ABNs.

This is because I use individuals for some services and pay them direct. I get a receipt but there's no ABN. Is that ok?'s picture


That is a great question!

Having a Plan Manager included in your NDIS plan allows you to access supports from both registered providers and unregistered providers, which includes Australian small businesses.

However, they do need to have an ABN for multiple reasons, such as your protection, taxation, etc...

So far, only self-managed funding participants can use non-ABN providers, having said that self-managing participant do have to adhere to some of the NDIS regulations as well.

If you have any further queries, feel free to contact us at or 03 9512 6700.

Thank you,

Maple Plan Team

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What’s the best advice you can give to someone who is currently waiting for their 1st meeting in relation to the NDIS. My son is 5 and has ASD but we are feeling a little nervous in relation to our hopes of rolling over. 


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Waiting for your 1st NDIS meeting can be nerve wrecking, but you're not the only one that feels that, so don't worry. There are plenty of resources out there that can help you prepare for the meeting, so that you can get the best outcome out of the 1st meeting.

I've found a pretty good Pre planning article from MyCareSpace that explains thoroughly on what you can do to prepare.

In short:
1. Be clear on your goals
2. Write down the support that you believe you need to achieve your goals 
3. Gather supporting documentation as to why you need the support mentioned above
4. Be clear on how you want your funds to be managed (Agency Managed, Plan Managed or Self Managed)

Should you decide that you would like to be Plan Managed or know more about the advantages of Plan Management, give us a shout! Find our details here.

Thank you,

Maple Plan Team

Hi there

Firstly NDSP wishes you every success with your NDIS journey for your Son.

Because your son is under 7 he is classified by the NDIS as Early Intervention which means you can get support through your ECEI (Early Childhood Early Intervention) partner. Please call NDIS to determine who the ECEI partner is in your LGA (Local Government Area). 

The ECEI team is your one stop shop to help you. through the process of access, through the planning meeting and post plan to help you implement the plan and find the right providers for supports such as therapy.

The best advice NDSP can provide is to think about the functional impact of your Sons diagnosis, think about the goals you want to work towards as this will help the NDIS understand the support he needs to achieve the goals. E.g therapy supports

Lastly NDIS is an insurance scheme and is evidence based so collect your evidence E.g Doctors reports, preschool and school reports to your meeting to evidence the impact ASD has on your sons life.

Talk with your ECEI partner about the 3 Ffund Management Options too as you may find Plan Management could be the door to opening up your provider options, if so we would love to support you and your family.

We wish you well with your ECEI supports to getting that first plan done and we truly hope that the NDIS helps to support your son to live his best life.

Please let us know if you have any further questions about the benefits of NDSPs Specialist Plan Management service.


NDSP Plan Management

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Hi there

This is a great question.

NDSP follow the same ethos as NDIS do in relation to having service agreements with your providers irrespective of your chosen fund management option.

The reason for this is to protect your rights under Australian Consumer Law.

A service agreement ensures transparency regarding supports, service inclusions and the cost for the service. A good service agreement will also include the rights and responsibilities of each stakeholder.

We hope this supports your growing knowledge of NDIS and your rights as a consumer.


NDSP Plan Management

1800 636 377