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WEBINAR: How to Plan Manage or Self Manage in 45 minutes!

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The webinar which was hosted by Nicole Gamerov (CEO of MyCareSpace), covered 3 areas:

  • Getting Ready for your NDIS Plan
  • Understanding the difference between Plan Management and Self Management (we also compare plan management to support coordination)
  • Ongoing Success: finding and engaging providers, left over funds

NB: It's become clear that people living in rural and regional areas that are struggling to find providers, will benefit immensely from these two funding options as they give you flexibility to engage with non-NDIS registered providers

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Resources and Links (as referenced in the webinar)

Evidence of Disability

Eligbility – age 0-65, residency and disability.

Evidence of disability can be demonstrated in 2 ways:

  1. Have your treating doctor or specialist Fill in Section F
  2. Submit existing assessments or reports (not less than 2yrs)

The NDIA have list of conditions that ‘automatically qualify’ that includes:

  • ID (moderate, severe, profound –less than 55)
  • ASD level 2 or 3
  • CP (severe, 3,4 or 5 on the GMFCS)
  • Various genetic conditions
  • SCI or brain injury
  • Blindness
  • Deafness
  • Amputation (2 limbs)

If you are not on the ‘priority’ list - then you have to provide evidence of the impact of the condition on your life (functional capacity) across the areas of: mobility, communication, social interaction, learning, self-care and self-management.

You will note that ASD Level 1 is not on the VIP list, so understand functional capacity and now to address it.

Ref: NDIS evidence of disability


Pre Planning

NDIS Planning Workbook (book 2)

NDIS Pre Planning Workbook by Everything Counts

Pre Planning Workbook for a Child

Pre Planning Workbook for an Adult

MS Pre Planning


Reasonable and Necessary

Plan Management Partners: Understanding what is reasonable and necessary

Article on what is reasonable and Necessary

NDIS rules on 'Reasonable and Necessary'

Podcast on Reasonable and Necessary


Funds Management Options

A Comparison of the features of Plan Management vs Self Management of your NDIS Plan

Overview of Funds Management Options

Community Disability Alliance Hunter (CDAH) offer Peer Support Groups on Self Managing


Self Managing

NDIS Guide to Self Managing

NDIS video on Self Managing

NDIS info on Self Managing Budget

Learning the Skills to Self Manage

Choice and Control

Payment Integrity, Fraud and Misuse of Funds

Paying for your Supports


Plan Management

A Guide to Finding the Right Supports Under the NIDS

Plan Management - A Guide to Managing your NDIS Funds


Choosing Providers

Everything you need to know about unregistered providers

NDIS info on engaging your own staff

NDIS Price Guide

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