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How to Plan Manage or Self Manage in 45 minutes!

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Below find the transcript of our Webinar titled: Getting the Most from your NDIS plan: Self Manage or Plan Manage

The webinar which was hosted by Nicole Gamerov (CEO of MyCareSpace), covered 3 areas:

  • Getting Ready for your NDIS Plan
  • Understanding the difference between Plan Management and Self Management (we also compare plan management to support coordination)
  • Ongoing Success: finding and engaging providers, left over funds


NB: Its become clear that people living in rural and regional areas that are struggling to find providers, will benefit immensely from these two funding options as they give you flexibility to engage with non-NDIS registered providers

Links & Resources that accompany the Webinar 


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Getting the most from your NDIS plan: self manage or plan manage?
Our Guest Panelists
Sean Dempsey Charmaine Fraser
With Sean Dempsey 
 CEO of
Plan Management Partners
& Charmaine Fraser
Autism Advocate, Support Coordinator & mum who is self-managing