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Plan Hero Plan Management


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We offer CALD Support
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What we do

Plan Hero are most certainly a plan manager like no other. 

We don't just pay your NDIS bills, but also provide the support and information you need to:

  1. Understand your NDIS plan
    Our team will help you understand each section of your plan, what it means and what it includes.

  2. Find the support services in your local area that match your specific needs
    Our partnership with the MyCareSpace Connections team means that whatever the service is that you need, the team will help you find options in your area.
  3. Understand how changes in the NDIS affect you
    Plan Hero will keep you up to date as things change.

Supporting families with children on the spectrum

Our team has extensive experience in supporting parents of young autistic children who have NDIS plans. We are familiar with the supports they need and can suggest innovative ways to spend their fudning.

People often ask us, "Why should we choose Plan Hero for our plan manager?"

The answer is easy:

  1. Because we work WITH you, not against you.
  2. Because you will have 1 point of contact, so we get to KNOW you.
  3. Because our first response is never 'no'. We do our best to understand your goals and help you spend your funds on the supports you WANT.

Give us a call and make Plan Hero part of your NDIS support team today!


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I had Plan Hero explain my package and break down everything into their categories so I knew how and what to claim. 

I would highly recommend them to anyone struggling with their package  - Plan Hero has done their homework a understands much more than we do

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I am very happy with Kim, she is wonderful and I am so grateful that you connected me with her. 


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I was so fortunate to be referred to Plan Hero by another mum with a child on the spectrum. Kim and the team have been a wealth of knowledge and so supportive. I am feeling so empowered right now and my son is making the best use of his funding all because of your guidance. Thank you!