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Insurance for NDIS Participants

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Insurance for NDIS Participants

While the NDIS brings with it new opportunities, it may also be presenting new risks that you and your family have never had to think about before.

Why do I need insurance?

As a recipient of the NDIS, if you employ a disability carer directly in your home and/or are yourself a voluntary (non-paid) carer, this is a relationship like that of employer & employee.

If something goes wrong, your home and contents insurance won't necessarily cover you. That’s why Aon has developed a specific policy, NDIS Participant Insurance, which includes cover for your needs of Public Liability and Personal Accident.


What kind of insurances are available?

1. Public Liability

If a third party such as a carer is working in your home and is injured as a result of the actions of the person with a disability, Aon can help protect you in the event of a claim. A second example would be if your child hurts another child in a play area and the injured person’s family then sue for damages, this cover will protect you. 

2. Personal Accident

Helps cover the costs that follow if you as an NDIS Participant suffers accidental injury or death.

Want to know more?

Have an Aon broker contact you to help you work out the appropriate cover/s that suits your needs and provide an estimate.

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NOTE: MyCareSpace does not underwrite or provide any advice in relation to Aon’s NDIS Participant Insurance. All enquiries as to the scope, terms and cost of the NDIS Participant Insurance should be directed to Aon. MyCareSpace receives a commission from Aon when they sell NDIS Participantt Insurance products and that enables MyCareSpace to provide insurance and risk management assistance to the community sector.