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Do you wanna dance? PS: Wheelchair required!

2 men holding a dance position in a horizontal position. One in a wheelchair.

Do you wanna dance? PS: Wheelchair required!

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Disability Sports Australia made the following announcement this week and we are super excited to see the Aussies get into the groove!

Wheelchair Dance Sport is looking for dancers, studios and officials to participate in this new and exciting sport both socially and competitively. No experience required! Wheelchair Dance Sport is a Paralympic recognised sport for people with a physical impairment that affects the lower limbs. Dancers can participate as singles, duos (two wheelchair users) or combi (wheelchair user with able bodied partner) in competitive ballroom dancing in styles such as Standard, Latin and Freestyle.

Wheelchair Dance Sport is competed internationally with World Championships and Asian Championships held every two years.

For more info and to fill out the Expression of Interest form, head to this page and click the yellow button in the Get Involved section.

Any questions or inquiries, contact Kelsey at Disability Sport Australia at or +61 2 8736 1221.

We did some investigation and found other organisations involved with Wheelchair Dancing:

Sporting Wheelies



Daria Alforova and the Ukrainian National Wheelchair Dance Sport Team

After reading this article, we did a little more investigation and were blown away by the skill of wheelchair dancers. Here is one photo we particularly loved

A woman dressed in a slinky yellow dress is lying across a man dressed in a tuxedo who is in a wheelchair and has it balanced on one wheel.


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