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4 Steps to NDIS Housing Success

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C – Core
Cap – Capital 
CB – Capacity Building 

(Note that you only need funding if you cannot do this yourself.  The more you direct this yourself the better.)




This is the ideas stage where you work out what you want.


Funded Supports if you need help


1. Working out your goal


CB – Coordination of Supports (Support Coordinator)

LAC – Local Area Coordinator (free)

Number 1 step!

Before change of circumstance/review meeting


2. Working out how much support you will need in your new home


CB – Improved Daily Living
(Allied Health) such as
OT - Occupational Therapist/


C – Assistance with Daily Life (Support Worker)
Although they cannot provide a formal assessment, your current support staff can assist your informal supports (family, carers, friends) to estimate how much support you will need when you move out.


Prior to review meeting (if you need to ask for more Core funding).

You can also ask for CB – Improved Daily Living funding at the review and then get the assessment. The assessment will then assist a Change in Circumstances review to request more support hours to be funded for when you move.


TIP Create review meeting if needed - Add housing goal to plan to receive targeted funding

More help on setting your Housing Goal Here 

Step 2 Find Options


This is where you explore the housing options that will help you reach your housing goal.


Funded Supports to Help


1. Exploring housing options: includes budget, location, liaising with Real Estates, moving logistics, exploring supports available

CB - Support Coordinator

LAC – Local Area Coordinator (free)

CB – Improved Living Arrangements

Before you start to look or sign up to any housing offer.

2. House with full access for your physical disability

SDA – Specialist Disability Accommodation OR

Home Modifications

After your review meeting as you WILL need extra funding to get the housing plan and assessments done to apply for your SDA level and for any major Home Modifications

Note: SDA level is set for life (unless you ask for it to be reviewed) so you only need to do this once


Once the application is made (sending the relevant information back to your LAC or NDIA planner) they will make a decision and get back to you.

TIP: Create review meeting if needed - Add housing goal to plan to receive targeted funding

3. Assistance with SDA application

Support Coordinator

OT – Occupational Therapist

After review

TIP: Search for available housing & apply

What Disability Housing Options are there - find out here

Step3 Pursue Options


This is where you connect with providers, investigating options and finding the one you like the best.


Funded Supports to Help


1. Connecting to housing or support providers

Support Coordinator

CB – Improved Living Arrangements

After housing options have been explored

2. Signing lease agreement with Real Estate OR

Signing service agreement with housing provider OR

Support Coordinator

CB – Improved Living Arrangements

After finding house

3. Creation, signing and monitoring of private agreements (ie host, shared house etc)

ILO – Individual Living Options

After finding house

4. Apply for SDA house

Support Coordinator


After SDA funding level is approved
After finding house

TIP: Move Out OR reapply if application was denied (this happens to everyone so just try again, do not let go of your housing goal)

Find out how to find the house and get it!

Step 4 Move out


This is the start of your adventure!


Funded Supports to Help


1. Learn skills to become more independent

CB – Capacity Building tailored funding to learn skills

As soon as you can

TIP: Move again if you want something different – many people move lots of times in their life.

Your NDIS plan is Australia wide and will follow wherever you go – it is not attached to your house

Moving Out - Find out more

Disability Housing Options

WEBINAR:  Disability Accommodation & the NDIS

During this FREE 1 hour webinar our experts answer questions like:

1. What Accommodation options does the NDIS fund?

2. How can I include Accommodation in my NDIS Plan?

3. How do I find the best Accommodation for me?

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