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WEBINAR: Disability Accommodation

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How helpful was this resource?: 
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NDIS Accommodation: How does it work?

In collaboration with 2 disability accommodation experts, Your Community Home and MySupports, MyCareSpace brought you a free webinar about understanding what NDIS accommodation options are available and how to go about including them in your NDIS plan.

Our experts answered some of the trickier questions and shared ideas of alternative and innovative options which are being successfully trialled in some areas.

During this 1 hour webinar Christiaan and Terry answered questions like:

1. What Accommodation options does the NDIS fund?

  • What housing options are funded by the NDIS?
  • Understanding SDA, SIL & ILO?
  • What other options exist (DSP, Rent Asst, NRAS)?

2. How can I include Accommodation in my NDIS Plan?

  • Who is eligible for SDA, SIL or ILO?
  • How do I apply for accommodation under the NDIS? 
  • How can I get funding for accommodation in my NDIS plan? 

3. How do I find the best Accommodation for me?

  • How to find accommodation - who can help
  • How to make your move successful

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Meet the Expert Panel

Chis standing at a tree

Christiaan Bramblebee
Your Community Home
Support Coordinator
NDIS Accommodation Expert


Terry Mader - MySupports

Terry Mader
NDIS Individual Living Options (ILOs) Specialist

Christiaan Bramblebee

Christiaan is an NDIS and disability housing knowledge expert, having a strong background in the training and development of local area coordinators, disability organisations, and local council to support the NDIS rollout. 

Sitting on a range of housing and network committees, Christiaan has most recently collaborated with Knox Council to support their production of a Housing Guide. She is passionate about connecting people and working within the gaps to create seamless services for people that are easy to use and understand.

Through support coordination, Your Community Home can assist individuals in achieving their housing goals, whatever they be, and for the long term.

Christiaan says, "We need to change the way we think from a need for supported accommodation to a choice in finding the right home.’

Terry - Co-Founder, MySupports 

Terry Mader is the Co-founder of My Supports. My Supports operates in NSW, Victoria, Queensland, SA & WA and is a different type of NDIA provider: "We bring the lived experience of disability into services and everything we do - over 50% of our staff thave the lived experience of disability.

Terry and his team are specialists in NDIS Individual Living Options (ILOs)  - a recognized pioneer in these exciting new NDIS supports, which better support people to live in-community. Hosts, co-residents and a range of living together options, including with friends, other participants or families, neighbours and community circles of support.

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Please Note:
The information provided in this webinar is based on personal views and doesn't take your personal circumstances into account. We advise you to consider whether the information is right for you before making any decisions.

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