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Disability Housing – Moving out!

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Are you ready?

Most people feel nervous right before they move. 

This is where your goals can help you, even stick them on your wall to help you get past any nerves. 

Think of the reasons why you are moving and all of the good things that could happen. 

And remember that if anything goes wrong, you can just move again.  That is what people do all the time until they find the place that is right for them.

Are others ready?

Sometimes it is very hard for others to take a step back as you become independent.  You can say things like ‘Thankyou so much for looking after me for all this time, but I am ready to do some things on my own now.  Let me show you’.

What do you need now?

Create a folder or a notepad or a box that will become your ‘Toolbox’. 

Put emergency numbers, details of people who support you, and other reminders of where to get help when you need it.  This way you can find what you need quickly which is important especially if you are having a really bad day.

What will you need in 6 months?

Ask yourself if you are having a good time in the house and if anything could be improved. 

Also pat yourself on the back for how you have grown, how you have resolved anything already, and just for being amazing. 

You may have learnt some independent skills meaning you can reduce the hours your support staff are needed.  Or you may be ready to tackle something new outside of the house like join a local club. 

Ask yourself these questions and write them down.  It might be fun to look back in a year and see how you have changed:

  1. What do you think will be the biggest challenge with living independently?
  2. What are you looking forward to most?
  3. What will you miss the most about where you currently live?
  4. What won’t you miss about where you currently live?



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