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Jason the Aerial Artist

Jason Lam before his accident

Jason the Aerial Artist

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"My name is Jason. I'm an aerial artist. I was a fulltime sushi chef. I got into pole. I ended up loving it a lot but I wanted a little more of a challenge and then I found aerial arts.

I ended up really falling in love with aerial arts so I kinda took it full time. Aerial arts is so much fun but it can be very dangerous. I didn't expect my equipment to break....

I suffered a spinal cord injury. I broke my neck. It's pretty serious. You just trust that what you are doing is always in a safe environment and for the most part it is. You have to always practice safety. There is no reason to not have a mat underneath you. There is no reason to do things on your own....

I suffered a C6 C7 basically from the chest level down I've lost function and most of the strength in my arms.

The first time the doctor came into the hospital room he tried to tell me the bad news. He said: 'So I have to tell you, you have broken your neck and have a spinal cord injury and are probably never going to be able to walk again'.

Wow I realized my life has changed. I'd love to fly again."




MyCareSpace discovered Jason's story when we went to the most incredible event titled 'Dance for a Difference' which showcased Australia's finest pole dancers who performed in aid of fundraising for SpinalCure Australia. What an incredible event.


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