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Chasing my Dream with Nathan Basha

Nathan standing behind a camera with the director of bus Stop films Genevieve at his sides

Chasing my Dream with Nathan Basha

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There are many layers to Nathan Basha. Nathan is an individual pushing boundaries on many different fronts. He has spoken at international and national conferences, political forums, universities, schools and workshops, sharing his insights about what can happen when people are encouraged to live their dreams. Today, Nathan shares with us how he is living out his dream and passion for film-making.

Ever since I can remember I have loved everything about film, I have a real obsession about films. When I was in high school I did work experience at Video Ezy so I could check out all the latest releases.

When I left high school, I was curious to learn more about how films were made, I always knew who the actors were and directors but was keen how a film came together. Over the years, I have attended various short film courses and audited a film unit at university so when we saw an ongoing opportunity to attend a film course to learn about to make films, I was in!  Over the last five years I have been an eager student of Bus Stop Films. Although I was already passionate about film the course allowed me to discover more; like learn about how films are produced and how to write scripts and direct.

I can now proudly say I’m a first assistant director and production assistant of two internationally award winning films. These roles saw me directing scenes and providing advice to the Director. I was co-director on Heartbreak and Beauty which in 2015 screened at an Oscar qualifying film festival and has won two awards including best experimental film at Nevada Film Festival.



Through Bus Stop Films I have written film reviews and blogs, attended film festivals and alongside actress Abbey Earle have become an Ambassador for Bus Stop Films, promoting the work of Bus Stop Films, inclusive film making and employment opportunities in the film industry.



The course has provided not only a learning opportunity around understanding the intricacies of film but has helped me in many other ways. Such as, an increase in my self-esteem as I now can converse at a very deep level about something I and others are interested in.

Bus Stop Films has also enabled me to not only follow my passions but also to chase my dream, which for me is becoming a Film Director and you guessed it next stop Hollywood.


So tell us more about Nathan Basha:

In 2016 he was a NSW State Finalist for Young Australian of the Year and in 2015 won the award for Excellence in Employment Inclusion at the NSW Disability Industry Innovation Awards. Nathan's current goal is to change the lives of 20 people with intellectual disability by getting them employment this year.  A social entrepreneur pushing boundaries, Nathan Basha is living proof that having a disability should not limit possibilities. Nathan might happen to have Down syndrome but, as he says, “that’s not who I am”. Through his social enterprise, NB* No Barriers, Nathan is focused on engaging with the corporate sector to change attitudes around employment for people with disability. You can follow Nathan here

Who is Bus Stop Films ?

We make films with, for and about people from diverse and marginalised backgrounds through our own inclusive filmmaking model. Our process began with developing a filmmaking workshop program specifically for people with an intellectual disability and since then, we have begun working with other marginalised communities. The people we work with often face societal barriers that prevent them from engaging in the mainstream film industry. Bus Stop’s goal is to provide pathways for those we work with to participate in filmmaking at a professional level and use filmmaking as a tool for creating social change. You can follow Bus Stop Films on Facebook