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Dancing Sign Language Interpreter Steals the Show

Tommy Krangh - Sign Language Interpreter

Dancing Sign Language Interpreter Steals the Show

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In 2015 the Swedish Eurovision concert showcased a new star, Tommy Krångh.

This enthusiastic sign language interpreter became an overnight sensation following an energetic translation of a Eurovision song.

A video of the interpreter singing an entry to represent Sweden at Eurovision went viral, attracting more than 3 million views within a week.

Forty-eight-year-old Swedish sign language interpreter Tommy Krångh was one of four sign language interpreters who covered the 2015 annual Melodifestivalen – Swedish Eurovision Song Contest for the national TV channel SVT.

But Tommy Krångh doesn't just sign - he dances, too. He told Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet that he had never before experienced the energy he felt when he interpreted the entry by pop artist Magnus Carlsson's 'Möt mig i Gamla Stan' ('Meet Me In The Old Town').

Tommy commented, “It's crazy and I'm very happy for all the nice words. I have really been love bombed. I do not really know what happened. I go into the music with my body and lose myself in any way possible, then I get funky and just let go.”

If you want to watch more of this incredible professional, take a look at this compilation.

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