Madison De Rozario for Under Armour | MyCareSpace

Madison De Rozario for Under Armour

MAdison training in her wheelchair

Madison De Rozario for Under Armour

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One of the first interviews we did when we launched MyCareSpace was on this amazing individual, Madizon D'Rozario.

From the get go we were taken in by her kick-butt attitude and sense of humour.

Great to see that Under Armour have picked up on that and given Madi another platform to show her spirit.

We love this campaign and what it stands for .....:

  1. What you put in is what you get out

  2. Be the best person that you can be

  3. Show up

  4. Don't give up EVER

  5.  Run your own race

  6. Look at what I can do with my body

  7. This is a race now

  8. It takes a win to understand it changes nothing



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