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Service Providers Outcomes Report Template

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One of the 4 key requirements of being an NDIS registered provider is to measure and, as requested, report on participant outcomes. 

This resource is for both NDIS service providers and participants and clarifies what reports are expected from NDIS service providers and how they may charge for the time spent on these reports and other non face-to-face activities.

When does an NDIS participant require a report from an NDIS Provider?

Some NDIS Providers will be expected to provide progress reports to the participant and NDIS at agreed times. This request should be in line with the terms of the Service Agreement with the participant. 

What should a report from an NDIS Service Provider include?

Generally, progress reports should include:

  • a summary of the supports provided to the participant
  • how the support has assisted the participant to achieve or work towards their goals - for example, how their functional ability has changed over the plan period
  • whether the participant has been linked to any additional informal, community, or mainstream supports to assist them to achieve their goals
  • barriers encountered during the plan period and the strategies implemented to resolve these
  • any risk identified to the participant or others
  • any evidence or other information that may be relevant for the NDIA to consider when determining reasonable and necessary supports
  • if recommendations for additional supports are made, justification for the recommendation and details of the proposed outcomes are (including the risk and impact on other supports)

NDIS Service Provider Outcomes Report Template

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