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Help with NDIS Registration and Audit

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NDIS Registration and Audit compliance made easier 

At MyCareSpace we know that our service providers are finding NDIS registration and NDIS audit requirements confusing and demanding, so we bring you help in the form of PQplus.

PQplus is a national consultancy, under the directorship of Susan Hawkins, that offers NDIS registration and NDIS Audit compliance assistance.

They have decades of experience in Human Services Quality Management and Compliance in the Community and Government sectors. They have helped organisations achieve compliance, pass audits, access funding opportunities, grow and deliver better services.

PQplus do more than just sell Policy Manuals, they walk with NDIS providers, step-by-step through the registration process. And they stay with them through their audit, and beyond. 

PQplus offer NDIS service providers 2 main services:

Help with NDIS Service Provider Registration

For new or existing disability providers who want to become NDIS registered, they offer the following services:

  • Selection of the correct NDIS Registration Groups
    They help you apply for the NDIS Registration Groups that suit your qualifications and experience. It could save you frustration and money later.
  • Prepare NDIS Quality Systems
    Every NDIS provider must have a Quality Management System (QMS). PQplus tailors NDIS Policies and Procedures and QMS to your business, with room for growth. They're written in clear language, in line with current best practice and with NDIS Quality and Safeguards requirements.
  • Provide NDIS Audit Tools
    A QMS is more than policies. PQplus supply the forms and tools you need and will guide on how to use them to stay on track for audits.
  • Analyse NDIS Expertise
    They help you identify the qualifications and expertise staff need to provide your services, explain the Worker Screening process and provide risk assessment tools.
  • Provide NDIS Self-Assessment Support
    Their team works with providers to complete their organisation’s NDIS self-assessment and application
  • Links to Auditing Bodies
    PQplus Provider Registration Assistance prepares you for audit - no nasty surprises - and you may be eligible for discounts with our partner auditors.

For help with your NDIS Service Provider Registration or NDIS Audit:
Contact Team PQplus

Help with your NDIS Audit 

For existing NDIS service providers who face an Audit, they will help with:

  • Document Reviews and Gap Analyses
    Ensure your existing documentation complies with the NDIS Practice Standards. PQplus can analyse your policies and procedures to determine where changes are needed to meet specific NDIS requirements.

    This is especially relevant for Aged Care Providers who now offer services in the NDIS disability arena.

  • Quality Management Systems
    Make sure your Quality Management System (QMS) is generating appropriate evidence for audit. They can help you establish a QMS suitable to your organisation's scope and services.
  • Staff Training and Mentoring
    Ensure your organisation acquires the skills it needs to efficiently manage Quality and audit preparation.
  • NDIS Qualifications Check
    Ensure your staff hold the qualifications required to deliver specific services under the NDIS requirements.
  • NDIS Audit Support
    PQplus can assist your organisation before and during its NDIS audit, to reduce audit costs and solve audit problems. 
  • NDIS Self-Assessment Support
    They work with you to complete your organisation’s self-assessment with regard to your Quality Management System.

For help with your NDIS Service Provider Registration or NDIS Audit:
Contact Team PQplus

Make sure you know what to expect

Buy Understanding Audits Webinar


The NDIS Audit Information that you absolutely need to know!

Who is this webinar for? This webinar is for NDIS service providers facing an Audit as well as for new providers considering becoming NDIS registered

Will this help WA Providers? This webinar is especially helpful for WA an NDIS Service Providers who will face an NDIS audit for the first time.

Topics covered in this webinar:

  • Changes to the NDIS Audit Requirements - how do they affect you?
  • Why it might be easier & cheaper to register as NDIS Service Providers?
  • Which are the 'Low-Risk' Registration Groups?
  • What documents are needed to pass an NDIS audit?
  • Understanding if you need to get Certified or Verified
  • NDIS Audit onsite visits - what happens?
  • NDIS Self-assessment - what do I need to know?
  • What Insurances are required by the NDIS Commission?
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