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Support for your Disabilities & Inclusion Program

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MyCareSpace helps corporates support employees and families with disabilities

MyCareSpace is a national online disability platform that connects people with disability, their families & carers with providers of disability services and information. 

We curate the extensive amount of NDIS information available and deliver it in easy to understand, practical information webinars.

Our disabilities and inclusion support package includes:

1. A customised webinar for employees
This webinar is delivered via Zoom, Teams or Google Meet and is recorded and made available afterwards to suit the needs and time capacity of all employees. 

To help us tailor the content to deliver, your staff have the ability to pre-submit questions that can be addressed in the session, as well as to ask questions on the day.  

2. Access to customised resources
MyCareSpace complements the webinar with a collection of resources that offer general support around the NDIS as well as support around the topics covered in the webinar. See a sample of our customised resource page.

3. Access to the MyCareSpace Connections Team
MyCareSpace offers ongoing support for all employees by answering their questions and connecting them with support services in their local area that meet their specific needs.

What information can you include in a webinar?

The answer is simple, whatever you want us to include. Typically we have been requested to cover a selection of the following topics:

  • NDIS Eligibility
  • Early intervention support for children under 7
  • COVID - how to best use my NDIS plan
  • Understanding your NDIS plan
  • Getting the most out of my NDIS plan
  • Finding the supports and services you need
  • Where to find support for carers or siblings

If you are a company that supports people with disability and their families

MyCareSpace is the company for you.

We help organisations support the careers of people with disabilities as well as those who are carers, by providing them with NDIS advice, information, and support they need to live full and independent lives.

For more information

Contact Bianca 0414 617711 or email bianca@mycarespace.com.au

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