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ADHD Resources for Teachers

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The following resources are available to help guide teachers:

Deakin University

Deakin University, in partnership with the Victorian Department of Education and Training, is proud to present the AllPlay Learn program

AllPlay Learn helps to create inclusive education environments for children and young people with developmental challenges and disabilities through practical online information, courses and resources for teachers, as well as information and resources for parents, children and the community. 

AllPlay Learn’s online information and courses focus on strengths- and evidence-based research to support teachers, educators and other education professionals working with children, young people and families across Victorian early childhood education and care settings, primary schools and secondary schools. Our online resources are easy to download and print for use across homes, long day care, kindergarten and schools.

All Play Learn: ADHD (Primary School Teachers)

All Play Learn: ADHD (Secondary School Teachers)

Aussie Teacher's Resources

Include ADHD is a great website set up with quality information is by an Australian teacher. It includes many helpful resources like a PDF with examples of classroom adjustments for different ADHD challenges that students may come across at school.

There are also other great resources under more specific topics such as Legislation, Emotional Regulation, Executive Function, Medication, and Inclusive Classroom Practice. 

Some educator's knowledge about ADHD will already exceed what is shared on this website, however, if a handful of teachers are able to gain something small that assists them to help a child with ADHD to feel supported, it is worthwhile.

Perhaps a parent of a child with ADHD might read something that helps them to start a conversation with their child’s teacher.

Podcast for Teachers

This is a podcast for teachers from the NCCD (Nationally Consistent Collection of Data on School Students with Disability ) - and is applicable to every school in Australia. 


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