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ADHD Tutoring - Can it help my child?

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Is there a way to help my ADHD child with school?

"How do I find tutoring for my ADHD child?" is a common question we receive at MyCareSpace and we are excited to let you know there is help at hand, especially during these COVID challenging times!

A child with ADHD has unique struggles at school: they are easily distracted, find it hard to keep still (let alone seated) and perhaps participate a little too much in class!

A young man named Jack Prey wrote an essay where he described what having ADHD was like for him:

"Have you ever been working on something important, when a song pops into your head? Then that leads you to think of something in the song about flying, which leads you to play with your remote control glider? Next thing you know, it’s dinnertime, and you haven’t finished the homework you started two hours before. That’s what it’s like to have Attention Deficit Disorder."

Failure to focus is not the only gift ADHD brings. Some children with ADHD need to move - they fidget and fumble and bounce and dance. 

Some children with ADHD just seem like dreamers and 'brom' around with not a care to be seen. 

Some children with ADHD can’t control their temper, which stems from poor impulse control This difficulty with self-regulation can cause major behavioral issues in the classroom, where a child with these symptoms might be branded the “bad kid,” not a child who’s neurologically unable to control their emotions, and needs space to learn how.

The fact is that no 2 children with ADHD are the same. But they do all share the common challenge of schoolwork and homework. It's just the degree of battle and who gets to take part that varies: teachers, parents, friends?

Can a tutor help my child with ADHD?

ADHD tutoring can cover a number of aspects that your child and family struggle with. A tutor can help them 'catch up' what they have missed during class whilst they were bouncing from foot to foot or staring out the window. A tutor can help them prepare for class so that they have a little confidence under their belt to start.

Most importantly a tutor can help with homework and take the stick waving away from you, the parent.

Imagine not having to nag and shout and cry over homework (possibly both of you doing the latter). 

We are not suggesting that ADHD tutoring will work for all children with ADHD, but a number of parent we spoke to have told us how it helped them be parents instead of teachers when their children got home. 

Where do I find an ADHD tutor?

Ok so back to the original question. You want to give tutoring a try, but how do you find an ADHD tutor?

Well, we have spent some time with the team at Cluey Learning, a specialised online tutoring platform to discover what kind of support they can offer children of all ages with ADHD.

Here's what Cluey provides:

  • Live, face to face/one-to-one or small group teaching, all online from the comfort of home.
  • Content mapped to the Australian National Curriculum with relevant practice questions to complete between sessions.
  • Handpicked, trained tutors who are experienced in supporting children with ADHD.
  • A written report from your child's tutor so you can monitor what they are learning and their progress.
  • A video recording for you to review and revise your session

View a Demo Session:

How can a Cluey tutor help my child?

We asked the team at Cluey the same question:

1. Expert tutors are carefully matched to your child’s needs

Tutors are trained so that they are able to support children who find it hard to focus or are easily distracted. Tutors are mentored and reviewed. They also provide reports to keep you up to date with your child’s progress.

2. Customised learning strategies build confidence

Learning is not just about getting through the subject matter. It requires planning, problem-solving and remembering, to name just a few essential executive functions.

Choosing the right learning strategies can provide the steps and framework that your child needs to successfully tackle a task.

3. Distraction-free learning makes homework easier

A busy classroom is full of distractions but when your child can connect online with their tutor in a quiet space in the comfort of your home, learning is so much easier. 

Being able to hand over the homework tasks to a tutor, allows you to be a parent at home.

How can we try ADHD tutoring?

Online tutoring may not be for everyone, but the Cluey team has offered MyCareSpace members a 20% discount on their first 2 sessions.

No commitment or contracts, just 2 lessons to see if it will work for your ADHD child. Why not give it a go?


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20% off the first two sessions


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