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A letter from Mummy to Oliver

Emily and Oli

A letter from Mummy to Oliver

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Dear Oliver,

I am writing to tell you how proud I am to be your mum.  

You are a brave, kind and funny boy. I love your laugh and how you tell jokes. And even though I don’t always love being scared, I marvel at the way you sneak up on me, and then laugh when I scream! 

Ollie you have an amazing future before you. You are gifted in so many ways. I know you love to sing and drum along to the beat of a song. You are so talented on your BMX bike and scooter, and often make my heart stop as you try tricks.  I love to see your grit and determination by getting back on your bike when you fall off.  

I love to watch you try new things! I know you are resistant at first, but you are so brave to step out and give it a go. Recently we were on holidays and you tried so many things for the first time. I was so proud watching you smile and cheer as you realised you loved it! 

But in amongst all of this Ollie, I see you’re struggles. I really do. I know it takes a lot to find your words. I know school is hard and many days you don’t want go. I see you when you are overwhelmed by your surroundings. And when you feel so frustrated on the inside that it explodes on the outside in various ways. 

However, it is in these moments that we see exactly what you are made of. You are made of strength, perseverance and sensitivity. You are strong, so very very strong. You work so hard to communicate with those around you. You persevere at school, and keep trying no matter how hard it is. You have a beautifully sensitive heart, that feels when someone around you needs encouragement. 

Oliver, remember you were created for greatness, and I know you will achieve that. 

But for now my dear son, keep taking my hand whenever you need it. 

Love Mum

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