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Insurance for Disability Service Providers

Aon and MyCareSpace working to help providers


Insurance for NDIS Registered Service Providers

Many of our providers have asked us about the insurances they may need. Since MyCareSpace are not insurance experts, we turned to the global insurance experts - Aon - for advice.

Aon is excited to bring to our community an insurance product specifically designed for NDIS Service Providers. 

If you are an NDIS Registered provider, you are likely to be in the throws of signing service agreements with your NDIS clients. Let Aon advise you on how to protect yourself against these new business risks. 

With over 30 years of experience in the human services sector, Aon have created tailored and affordable insurance solutions to protect NDIS Service Providers in the event of a claim. 

What type of insurances are available?

You need it Protector Liability - Combined Management Liability and Professional Indemnity

Cover for your directors, officers and bearers (company management) against claims made against them as a result of their actions. This cover also extends to employment practices liability and fidelity which protects employers from claims made by current, former, and potential employees. Cover also extends to advice including meetings, websites or in brochures.

You need it Property

If you own a building or any contents including desks, chairs, computers etc.

You need it Business Interruption

If you earn an income from your organisation's activities. E.g. a respite centre charging for Social and Community participation activities.

You need it Cyber Risk

If you are collecting and disclosing personal information about NDIS participants, you are at risk.

You need it Public Liability

If you have an office, are dealing with clients or members of the public or run/attend any events?


You need it Motor Insurance (or similar)

If your organisation owns or leases motor vehicles, trailers or caravans for work or has volunteers who use a vehicle not owned by your organisation (e.g. their own car, car hire vehicle) for your work.

Want to know more?

Have an Aon broker contact you to help you identify your risks and the appropriate cover/s that meets your needs.

Please submit the form below to choose your preferred form of contact:


NOTE: MyCareSpace does not underwrite or provide any advice in relation to Aon’s Disability Provider Cover. All enquiries as to the scope, terms and cost of the Disability Provider Cover should be directed to Aon. MyCareSpace receives a commission from Aon when they sell Disability Provider Cover products and that enables MyCareSpace to provide insurance and risk management assistance to the community sector.