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Introducing the A List Logo!

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A List logo banner

How We Developed the A List Brand Identity

Step 1

Choose the right design and branding company. 

After much searching, we selected Aussie locals Stokes Street Studio.

We chose to work with them as they have a long history as a brand and design pioneer for the autism sector.  Stokes Street Studio’s partnership with leading Victorian autism advocacy organisation AMAZE, meant they already had deep experience in engaging with the autism community and in being guided by and taking direction from autistic people themselves.

Step 2

Ask the community.

With the help of the fabulous MyCareSpace and Autism Community Network (one of our consortium members) teams, we hosted three separate focus groups that included young autistic people and parents of young autistic people.

From the 5 proposed A List identities, there were 2 clear favourites which the Stokes Street Team then refined, incorporating the varied and valued feedback they received from the focus groups.

Finally, the Stokes Street team presented us with 2 final options. There was a clear winner. 

About our Hero Identity

This is where we get fancy.

Our identity is fresh, bold and confident, the identity is aligned with today’s emerging and enlightened attitudes championing neuro-diversity.

The logo is representative of enabling greater opportunities for inclusivity for young autistic people and the potential for increased community visibility and confidence.

The 'A' graphic - shorthand for Autism – is abstracted by its juxtaposition to a circle. The intersection of the A and the circle is representative of a new, dynamic and fresh autism space – The A List – which, as our positioning line suggests – is making an exciting new social space for autism.

The openness of the circle shape suggests all are welcome; that this is a friendly, inviting and inclusive space.

The interaction of the words with the shapes represents a two-way interaction; a conversation; a shared social space.

Our hero identity colour employs the strategic use of blue and purple, two colours loved by the autistic people in our focus groups as it embodied feelings of well-being, positivity and calmness for them.

The bright, vibrant, rich blue is also reflective of the 'premium' quality of the service available from The A List service while, for people on the autism spectrum, purple is the acknowledged representative colour for the autism sector.

We are still looking for feedback from the autism community

If you haven't already completed our A List survey, please have your say and let us know what you want from the A List.

If you are a young autistic person, please complete the survey yourself!

If you are a parent of a young person aged under 16 years, please comment on their behalf.





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