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MyCareSpace partners with XERO to meet your invoicing, BAS and Tax needs

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Want to get paid quickly in the NDIS?

As an NDIS Provider, one of the most important steps to business success is making sure you are paid for your services!

XERO software will make billing clients quick and easy. You will create invoices for your NDIS Participants that are in the correct format for Plan Managers and the NDIS, to make sure you are paid quickly without any trouble.

Xero is supporting NDIS Businesses to get paid quickly and on time.

Try XERO for free + 50% off for the next 4 months

What else can XERO do for NDIS Providers?


Keep pay and leave records online, and easily process pay runs for your support workers. You can automate tax, pay, and superannuation calculations in a click.

XERO's cloud payroll option allows you to report payroll details directly to the Australian Tax Office (ATO). You won't need an accountant to do your payroll!

BAS Statements

Are you having to submit BAS statements every quarter for the FIRST time? XERO makes it easy!

XERO calculates the GST paid and received and gives you the numbers to drop into your BAS statement. You can even submit your BAS to the ATO from XERO.

Reporting - Find out if you are making money 

Track your finances with accurate accounting reports so you can see how your cash flow looks at all times.

Accounting dashboard

Keep an eye on your finances day by day using the accounting dashboard. You can track bank balances, invoices, bills and more.

Try XERO for free + 50% off for the next 4 months

Integration with other NDIS Software

Because XERO has been around so long and is the first choice for so many NDIS Providers, it has API integrations with many NDIS Software programs like ShiftCare, MYP, Deputy, Employment Hero, Hupspot and more. 

This will make running your business so much easier, giving you back time to focus on what's important: delivering care and business growth.

Special Offer for MyCareSpace Clients

To set up quickly and easily, MyCareSpace customers receive a free 1 month trial PLUS special discount of 50% off the first 4 months when you sign up to XERO.

Try a XERO free trial + 50% off for the next 4 months!

On the go? Send invoices from anywhere using the XERO mobile app!


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