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Picture of cue cards to explain steps in toileting
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How to help children get that toilet thing nailed

Have you been searching for cue cards of a toileting sequence for young children that shows the actual steps of going to the toilet and in a sequence?

Then search no further.

Tara, a speech pathologist and founder of Autism Little Learners was searching high and low for cue cards that showed more than just a child sitting on a toilet.

She was looking for cards that would illustrate each step from pants down to underwear down to making a wee or poo.

She reached out to one of her very talented artist colleagues and together they worked on making customer clipart for the toileting routine. 

We bring you these cue cards that include the toileting sequence from start to finish and they are available for FREE


Feel free to comment and any other visual aids, tips and tricks you have up your sleeve.

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